News: DMN: Aikman: Dez 'not nearly the route runner Michael Irvin was,' needs to improve in that area

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    If Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant wants quarterback Tony Romo to target him more often in double coverage then Bryant needs to run more precise routes.

    That's former quarterback Troy Aikman's opinion.

    "Michael Irvin got doubled a lot, and there's routes that are very good vs. double coverage. But you then have to run good routes," Aikman said Thursday on KTCK-AM 1310 and KTCK-FM 96.7 "And if you're not running good, precise routes then it's hard to try and fit balls into tight spaces when you're a little unsure where a guy is going to be."

    "To me, what I've seen of Dez, what I've watched on film, that's where he has to get better," Aikman said of Bryant's route running.

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    Can't argue with this....

    Other than that, he does everything so well, that sometimes perfect route running is not needed. It would elevate his already great game to even an unbelievable level
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    all WR's have a deficiency they overcome with something else.

    Jerry Rice was pretty slow...but he overcame that with exceptional route running.

    a WR isnt going to be top in all aspects...any of them have deficiencies.
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    jerry rice wasnt the fastest in a straight line,but he was incredibly precise and quick off the snap. DBs were always playing catchup with him...that's how jerry rice was got so wide open across the middle of the field so often.

    Dez's problem right now is that he can't beat press man cleanly off the line and that he cannot open up his hips while he's running his routes down the field, therefore, his breaks aren't as sharp and his double moves don't often work on DBs. If there's anybody for dez to emulate, it's definitely michael irvin, who knew how to leverage the inside/outside shoulder of a DB to run through the press cleanly with his size.

    watching this video, it makes you realize how nice it is to have fluid hips as a wide receiver. you can snap off those double moves so quick, it makes the defense look silly. People ask how miles austin is still even an asset? He is far and away our best route runner with FLUID hips. Neither dez nor CJ can are 'open' very often, theyre not very precise route runners and they arent very fluid in their breaks. (the only difference is, the lions still throw it to Calvin Johnson even when he's covered). Guys like AJ Green, Julio Jones, are the true freaks of nature because they are tall, fast, have soft hands and can open up their hips while running their routes.

    here's a vid of michael irvin showing how got off press man:

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    Cue the Aikman hates the Cowboys talk.
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Dez Bryant has improved his route running...
  7. roughneck266

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    He has improved quite a bit, but there is definitely room for more improvement. He's still pretty early in his career, though and I think he is progressing really well.
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    I guess even Aikman noticed on film what many of us here have been saying. The issue here is JG's crappy scheme. Why is Dez sent on a 18 yard route on 3rd and 3?

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