News: DMN: Barry Switzer: Blame Jimmy Johnson for his departure from the Dallas Cowboys, he cheated

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NewsBot, Feb 25, 2014.

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    This should be interesting...
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    Let's move on people. Ancient history.
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    Well, apparently, Jimmy was right doing the things he did. What has Jerry done since then? Sunggle up to all the coaches and players? Yeah, that has worked.
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    Jimmy Johnson cheated on Jerry Jones? Hmmph, I always knew Jerry was a swinger. :D
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    I was never a Switzer fan I guess in large part because I'm a big Longhorns fan so of course with him at OU he was the enemy. There is no doubt as a college coach he had great success with a record of 157–29–4 and 3 National Championship regardless if I see the opposition as the enemy does not change the respect I have for any person who has had success as he did.
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    Yes but Jimmy also was partly to blame for the split. Both Jimmy and Jerry are to blame for the split. Snubbing your boss as he did at the owners meeting is a slap in the face and not many bosses would tolerate it. Jerry too was at fault, he should have let it slide and talk with Johnson privately instead of making the 500 coaches comment. You had 2 guys with big egos and together they did some great things apart neither did much.
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    Great post, and true. but many, way too many will not admit this, and only want to see / say to justify their own agenda.

    I said before, this was the perfect storm of Owner / GM, Head Coach, Assistant coaches, and the main ingredient the players. And a lot of luck with an abundance of draft picks.
    Yes luck, because much fell their way, and had just as many failed players and successful players. Players they got, because trades did not come about. Two specifically when they chose Emmitt when Francis and Lathon trades didn't go through.

    But just as all storms do, the die out.

    Also Jimmy never intended on staying his 10 year contract, he wanted out after about 5 years, his normal time at any coaching place. He wanted the Dolphins job from the start, but Shula's contract was extended, and Jerry brought him to Dallas then. He was waiting for Shula to be gone in Miami. This was a rumor for years there, as I lived in West Palm Beach area then.

    Also They got some decent players from the Plan B FA thing at the time, bring them in, ship them out, keep a few. They got 2 TE's from the Cardinals, Jay Novacek and Robert Awalt. Worked out decent.
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    That is true...but, if I were in Jerry's shoes at the time of all that success, being the boss and all, at a drunken party, where everyone there are full of piss and vinegar...if I am the boss, I wait until the right time to talk it out.

    It just to bad that things did not work out. And the Cowboys have suffered for it and will continue to suffer until Jerry let's his chosen coach do his job without interfering. And I don't think Garrett is the answer for that kind of coach.
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    I agree that Jerry should have let it slide and talk with Johnson later. On the other hand Jimmy acting as he was towards the owner then man who gave him the oppertunity paid his salary and saw to it he got what he wanted should have shown a bit more respect than that. Jimmy did not hire himself Jerry gave him this oppertunity. BP comments about how he liked working for Jerry says a lot to me at least because as BP said Jerry wants to win and willing to pay to get the players.

    As for today again I go back to BP I don't think Jerry interfers as much as some think. As for Garrett he may not be the answer and while I think 3 years as HC should have been enough Jerry is giving him every oppertunity and it has nothing to do with not wanting to pay him after firing him. Jerry is not hurting
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    True, if you remember the story that 1st happened before the break up was an interview that Jimmy did when he was asked about the then new franchise jacksonville and was asked if he was interested in that job. Jimmy reply was never say never and that did not sit well with Jerry. When Jerry said Jimmy was not going any where I don't think Jimmy liked that much being told as if he had no option. Funny thing is to this Day Jimmy will say he was not fired he quite yet Jerry allowed him to pursue other jobs if Jimmy wanted, after all Jerry could have prevented Jimmy from taking another job for the next 3 to 4 years after leaving Dallas.
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    It will be swept under the rug on this forum considering the majority of this forum thinks Jimmy Johnson is god-like.
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    I think a lot of Jimmy, god like is not one of them. lol I always give credit where it was due. To me Jimmy ability to push the right button on a player was his great assest. He once said you got some guys who you got to kick in the ars at time and yet other quality players that you have to deal with different or they will go into a shell if you kick them in the ars. Example after Leon mistake many felt Jimmy was just going to unload on Leon but he knew coming down on Lett would not yeild the results he knew he could get our of Lett, where as if another player would have done what Leon did Jimmy would have been in their face. Jimmy was not all about instilling fear it was knowing how to get the most out of each guy and that is not always done the same way with each guy
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    ...and I think we're due another 2-3 threads on Romo's 5 o'clock shadow and why redheads are allowed to be head coaches.
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    Can't wait to see it.
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    I always thought that if I wanted my team to excel I'd hire Jimma. If I wanted to have a good time and drink beer, I'd rather half Barry there. And maybe Jerra there to pick up the tab.
    One of the reasons I half liked Barry is that he would usually kick butt (the Longhorns) and then, on KOMA radio I would hear for most of the night the Sooner Fight Song. Ah, I can just imagine it right now . . .
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    Not exactly breaking news, even Jimmy has stated that he "wanted out" and making comments at the SB that year about how great it would be to take over an expansion team from scratch.

    Jerry and Jimmy were great at first, but it just couldn't last.

    If anybody has an ex they know what I mean. At first it is great, fun, and exciting. But after a while, all the little things that bug you start to get bigger and bigger and bigger to the point that it is just not worth it anymore and yall decide to go your separate ways.
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    Swingin' ain't cheatin' its consensual.
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    Seems as if you're speaking from experience. :p
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    Love Jimmy and love Jerry, but Jimmy had a problem being just an employee to Jerry being the owner. Anyone here think if the roles were reversed Jimmy would be any less hands on than Jerry has been.

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