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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 7, 2009.

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    When the Cowboys run
    Averaging 147.6 yards a game on the ground, the Cowboys are ranked sixth in the NFL but haven't had a running back have a 100-yard game since Week 2. Philadelphia hasn't allowed a rusher to have more than 87 yards in a game this year, but they have shown a tendency to wear down. Plus Marion Barber and Felix Jones are healthier. EDGE: Cowboys

    When the Cowboys pass
    Tony Romo has seven touchdowns and eight interceptions in five starts vs. the Eagles in his career but he is riding a hot streak now of 120 passes without a pick. The multitude of weapons could serve him well against a defense that has intercepted 14 passes, but it will come down to how well he is protected. EDGE: Even

    When the Eagles run
    Brian Westbrook will play after missing last week with a concussion but rookie LeSean McCoy is coming off an 82-yard effort. It used to be how Westbrook went, the Eagles went but that's not the case now. Philadelphia has a big offensive line but the Cowboys have done a better job vs. the run after the first two games. EDGE: Cowboys

    When the Eagles pass
    Like Romo, Donovan McNabb can mix the ball around to backs, tight ends and wide receivers and give defenses fits. He has only been intercepted once this season to go with nine touchdown passes and DeSean Jackson seems to make one or two big plays a game. While the Cowboys pass rush has improved the defense still has up and down moments. EDGE: Eagles

    Special teams
    The Cowboys are in the midst of their best special teams play in years. David Buehler's 17 touchbacks have greatly improved the kick coverage unit. The punt returners will be tested by Jackson's 15.6 yard return average, but the Eagles will have to contend with Patrick Crayton, who has had two punt returns for scores in back to back weeks. EDGE: Cowboys

    As seasons wear on the Eagles get better. Since 2000, they are 10-6 in November and 14-5 in December. Romo has an impressive November record, but the Cowboys will have to handle the ghosts of last year's 44-6 outcome, making a fast start a must on both sides. The Eagles are 39-10 since 2000 when scoring on their first drive. EDGE: Eagles

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    Who'd've ever thunk it? :eek:

    Not long ago, that would have been tantamount to saying "but the Eagles will have to contend with Bobby Carpenter" :lmao2:
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    After watching the replay from the first Cowboy Eagle game of last year, I think we have to do the following.

    When on offense: Tony cannot turn the ball over. The offense has to protect the ball (that includes Barber). I hope Garrett runs a lot of screens and even a few reverses or fake reverses just to keep the Eagle ends honest. Last year they shut Barber down in the first half by crashing down into the middle when Barber tried to pound the middle of the Eagle defensive line. I have a feeling Witten and or Bennett will have a big day. Last year, Dawkins followed Witten all over the field and Bennett had a nice game with several receptions. Without Dawkins we should have opportunities over the middle. Another thing I hope we see is our backs catching the ball out of the backfield. Barber scored a touchdown with I think Gacong trying to cover him that was a total mismatch.

    I really hope our protection holds up and Tony and the receivers are on the same page with there hot reads. If they are on it will be a long day for the Eagles. If we have a trouble reading the defense and Tony is off we will have a miserable night.

    Please, please, please hold the penalties down boys. At last years home game I think the Boys had over ten penalties. This game will be hard enough without making the offenses job even tougher.

    On defense: On defense I am cautiously optimistic about our secondary, but if Mcnabb happens to hit a big play or two early I think that swagger the DBs are carrying right now will evaporate into thin air. Something that will go a long way in helping the secondary that has been said all week is they must pressure Mcnabb (its obvious but damn it has to happen). I noticed in the first game last year our D-line did not maintain there gaps and Mcnabb was able to step up buy time and find the open receivers.

    Ratliff did a fine job of shooting the gaps, but on more than one occasion the center would let Rat pick a gap and then he would just push Jay in that direction while Mcnabb sidestepped the pressure run forward to the line of scrimmage and wait for his receivers to get open. Something else I noticed was our ends seemed to take the wide angles to the QB giving Mcnabb even more room to step around Jay and make a play and with those wide angles Ware and Ellis were having a hard time getting to Mcnabb. I hope we see a few stunts it just seemed like the D-line was going wide on every pass play.

    Our ace in the hole will be special teams. I feel like we will be able to pin them back and make them start at around their twenty instead of around the thirty five or forty yard line.

    This should be an interesting match up and one I think we might come out on top.
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    I don't know why people keep saying Witten and Bennett will have big days. I think we will run 2 TE sets and max protect with it. Barber will play the majority of the snaps so he can block. That's my guess.

    Miles Austin is going to have to have a big day. I don't trust RW to step up but he's capable. Romo is capable. They just aren't capable together.

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