News: DMN Blog: Davis on benching: 'It was time for somebody else to go out and do the job

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    Todd Archer / Reporter http://www.**************/blogs/images/bio-icon.jpg Bio | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg E-mail | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg News tips

    Leonard Davis was benched in the second quarter of Sunday's loss to Tennessee in favor of Montrae Holland. He only returned to the game after Holland suffered an eye injury.

    "No way can I make excuses for what I did on the field," Davis said. "There are expectations on me to go out and execute and do a job. I didn't do it. It was time for somebody else to go out and do the job."

    "It just looked like Leonard struggled inside as a pass protector a couple of times with quick, early pressure and felt like it was time to put Montrae in and see if you could stabilize things," assistant head coach Jason Garrett said. "And he did. I thought he responded well to the opportunity and when Leonard went back in again he did the same. He responded to the situation. The pass protection got better as the game wore on."

    Read more: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/10/leonard-davis-on-benching-it-w.html
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    Leonard should be cut after this season along with Colombo, this offensive line needs to be revamped!!!!!!
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    I'm calling doover!!! Is it too late??
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    Looks like it was Garrett's decision.
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    Good Lord, these guys are just crying for a little discipline and accountibillity:rolleyes:
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    [I've certainly got no problem cutting Davis and even Colombo, but whose going to replace them.
  7. ThreeSportStar80

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    Holland can play RG and either Brewster or Sam Young can handle RT.
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    Jerry believes that's overrated and hogwash. Acquire talent, get two good coordinators, and Jerry will set the tone, tell us in his coachspeak what we will see and what he expects - success, of course. And everything will be fine.

    Meanwhile, the whole premise of a real head coach who sets the tone, instills discipline and accountability, manages the coordinators and games, remains on the shelf behind Jerry's ego as the team and season goes down the drain. Oh yeah, and we see our talent get older and continue to underperform committing the same mistakes.

    Not bragging, but I called this loss before the Texans victory, which I also called. Why? Make up of the team. And recent history tells me its what we do. Enough vets and talent to rise up and perform well when on the brink, but no HC to maintain and sustain the level of play.

    Wade said practices were the best since he's been here. You practice like you play, so what is he seeing in practice thats not translating or what is happening on game day? Stage fright? More likely, practices weren't as sloppy as usual so he thought all was well. Clearly, these players checked out on the bye and still hadn't returned because the focus wasn't there.
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    Well no **** Sherlock. I'd wear down pushing around 300+ pounds. This has got to be the dumbest thing I've read in awhile. Man up and say Bigg is worthless and your GM is a moron.
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    a lot of stupid people in this forum.

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    The scary thing is our GM has repeatedly said the last several years that he thinks Leonard could play tackle, even left tackle if need be. He can't handle the quickness of Jason Jones, but he's going to handle Jared Allen out on the edge. This is coming straight from the mouth of the guy who ultimately makes our personnel decisions.

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