News: DMN Blog: Injuries: Bradie James: PCL sprain; Bennett: ankle; Holland OK

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    Todd Archer / Reporter http://www.**************/blogs/images/bio-icon.jpg Bio | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg E-mail | http://www.**************/blogs/images/email-icon.jpg News tips

    Bradie James will have an MRI Monday on his right knee after suffering a sprained posterior cruciate ligament in the first quarter of Sunday's loss to Tennessee.

    "My shoe came off and the guy was holding my leg and I just felt a pop," James said.

    Martellus Bennett had a protective boot over his right ankle. He had been slowed with a left ankle sprain for most of the season.

    Holland's eye was almost swollen shut and he had a small cut on his nose.

    ``I turned around and hit a linebacker,'' said Holland, who went in for starter Leonard Davis.``When I came up underneath him, my helmet came down to my eyes.

    Read more: http://cowboysblog.**************/archives/2010/10/bradie-james-has-pcl-sprain-ma.html
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    Haven't seen/heard anything to indicate that Davis was hurt or playing hurt against the Titans. If that indeed wasn't the problem & if indeed Holland replaced Davis cause Davis was playing poorly, then Holland should start next week's game. He deserves the chance to win that job if Davis can't/isn't willing play enough to keep it. Besides, isn't Holland younger then Davis so it would make our OL younger. If Holland plays just as good or better then Davis, then maybe Davis is one of those players who should be gone.

    Frankly, I think that should be the premise for this team from now on. Give some of the backup players a chance if other starters aren't playing as well as they should. I think it's about time for Wade/Garrett & Jerry to step up to the plate and make some of those players understand their jobs are no longer safe.

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