News: DMN Blog: JJT: Players have not quit on Wade Phillips, they have quit on themselves

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    Q: The players aren't quitting on the puppet known as Wade Phillips, they're quitting on Jerry Jones, the true head coach and official coddler of this team of vastly overrated, overpaid, overhyped and undertalented players.

    Karlan Fairchild
    TAYLOR: I don't think they quit Sunday, although their coach pretty much said that. I could see them quit against the Giants , when some players didn't make an effort to tackle Brandon Jacobs or Mario Manningham on their touchdowns. I think they're playing without confidence and they're depressed and frustrated about their situation and so they give in during the game instead of fighting through adversity. That said, a lack of focus and preparation occurs during the week and it spills over to Sundays. It can be a never-ending cycle. I don't think the players have quit on Jerry or Wade. They've quit on themselves.

    Q: Do you think Anthony Spencer has been the force he was last year toward the end of the season? To me it seems he is more in the form he was at the beginning of the '09 season, and not the dominating player that showed up toward the end of '09.
    Al Hart, Las Vegas
    TAYLOR: Spencer is one of the problems. He was a game-changer toward the end of last season. He seemed ready to become a Pro Bowl-caliber player, but he's regressed. He's back to his 2008 form, where he's just a guy, a player who disappears for stretches. At the end of last season, he was an excellent player.

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    Spencer should be a 4-3 DE, everyone just isn't ready to play a 3-4 OLB.
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    Umm... I think Dez was just probably just following rules about no more celebrating more than anything.

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