News: DMN Blog: Leon Lett: Romo's teammates must rally around him; defense believes in Rob

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    Former Cowboys defensive lineman Leon Lett spoke with 105.3 The Fan's Shon and R.J. on Tuesday. Here are a few highlights:

    On whether Tony Romo’s teammates could turn on him in light of his continual mistakes:

    These guys are all pros. You have mistakes throughout the season. You can go back and look at the Green Bay Packers or the New Orleans Saints, the past two Super Bowl champions. Somewhere down the line, they had adversity, but they came together as a team and they rallied around each other. They all went out and won the championship.

    On how he got over his own blunder against the Dolphins in 1993:

    Personally, I just focused in on my game and prepared week-in and week-out to go out and play great football. And I think we did. After that loss, we went on to win every game and went on to win the Super Bowl. It was a big deal for our team to come together and we did that.

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...y-around-him-defense-believes-in-rob-ryan.ece
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    never have truer words been spoken. 12 games left. One game back in the division. The division does not have a clear cut favorite, and the team in first place is the least talented team in the division. The front running culture in Dallas must be killed. And you do that by responding when the chips are down.
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    Explain, please?
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    Man, if ever there was a guy to speak on the importance of teammates support, it is Leon lett.
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    Most of these guys have come under the same heat at one time or another when it happens all you got left is your teammates.

    Never once saw Tony throw his teammates under the bus not even Costa I don't expect Tony teammates to throw him under the bus
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    Certainly not publically. But privately, I bet many are pretty nervous, especially the defense.

    I'm sure many players are on the edge. Another complete meltdown by Romo may break the team apart. He's blown 2 games already. Another could cause serious damage inside the locker room.

    I think the players will rally around Romo now. I think the bye helps in this respect. But I think the leash is very short. Players aren't going to forgive Romo forever.
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    Same defense last year who could not seem to stop anyone? Outside of fans I did not see offensive players pointing to them.

    I think this is more of a fan reaction than players reactions. When players start finger pointing in the locker then you have problems and that player needs to be ready for the finger to be pointed right back.
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    Ever since the franchise has rebounded from the 5-11 days, I have felt that this team and the media and many of the fans are hung up on style points. If Pittsburgh wins a game is viewed as a dominant defensive performance by a gritty gutty bunch. If we win a game 10-9...the fact that we won is an afterthought, the fact that the offense struggled is the focus. And I think the players have bought into it.

    Last year, when we lost our QB, and it looked like the Super Bowl was not possible. We packed it in. That is called a front running team to me. And the proof is how we responded when a new coach was brough in mid-season. We forgot about the record, the score, and just played football. There have been games when the the offense has struggled, and the defense hung in there, but gave up eventually because the offense did not do their part. There are certain football teams where the defense tells the offense "just give us 10 points and don't turn it over, and we will take care of the rest" That is not the mentality in Dallas. We have to do it with sytle or flare, or we are not interested.

    I will never forget 2 or 3 years ago when Brad Johnson started against the Bucs. And we won a "10-9" type of game. And the comments from the defensive players were almost as if they did the team a favor by holding a team in single digits. Or take the Bears game last year...when we came out, hit them in the mouth...the Bears looked so bad that the commentator said "the Bears have already started warming the bus up for the return trip to Chicago" we huffed and puffed and tried to deliver the knockout punch, and when the Bears did not go down, we packed it in and waited for the clock to run out.

    I remember after we finally won a playoff game, a player on defense was quoted as saying "we finally won a playoff game, so you all can get off our backs" Were you trying to win for yourself, or win to prove somebody wrong and/or shut up critics?

    The Redskins game 2 weeks ago is indicative of the team Garrett is trying to build long term. A team that knows it is missing players, knows players are playing hurt, but the next man up has to do his job and keep the train rolling.

    We lost a tough one Sunday. After having a big lead. It hurts. But you have to get over and play the next game. And you have to do that for 13 more weeks. And at the end we will add them up and see where we are at. But you cannot let a devastating loss turn into a 4 game losing streak. That is what I am trying to say.
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    Fully agree. Us fans can stay on this loss for the next 2 weeks, Cowboys and Romo can't. They have to move forward. You try and address the negitive and build off the positives and get ready for the next team.
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    I do agree he's the perfect candidate to speak about team support!

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