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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Angus, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Time to talk trades

    The trading deadline has come and gone without the Cowboys doing anything, but I can't help but think of wheelin' and dealin' with the Vikings coming to town.

    After all, the Herschel Walker trade might be the most lopsided deal ever made in major pro sports, much less by the Cowboys.

    My list of the top five trades in franchise history.

    1. Herschel Walker to the Vikings for a whole bunch of players and picks -- All this deal did was provide the foundation for arguably the best NFL team of all-time. Vikings fans don't remember the deal so fondly.

    2. Craig Morton to the Giants for a first-round pick -- Tom Landry felt like he'd be OK with that Staubach fella at QB, so the Cowboys shipped off Morton for a pick that turned into Hall of Famer Randy White.

    3. The No. 14 overall pick and three second-rounders to the Seahawks for the No. 2 overall pick -- Tony Dorsett helped the cause by allegedly having his agent putting out word that he wouldn't play in Seattle. The Cowboys swooped in with a package of picks (all of whom turned out to be J.A.G.s) and won a Super Bowl that year with a rookie who would run his way into the Hall of Fame.

    4. Second- and third-round picks to San Francisco for DE Charles Haley -- To borrow Jerry's famous quote, the Cowboys couldn't spell Super Bowl before Haley's arrival at Valley Ranch. The 49ers were happy to get rid of Haley, but they probably had second thoughts when he helped the Cowboys beat San Fran in two NFC championship games.

    5. Second- and ninth-round picks to Chicago for LB Chuck Howley -- The Bears thought they were getting rid of damaged goods, since Howley sat out two seasons after a serious knee injury. He gave the Cowboys 13 great seasons, earning a spot in the Ring of Honor.

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