News: DMN: Bob Sturm: Sky is the limit for Cowboys' Dez Bryant

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    The Ticket's Bob Sturm, heard weekdays from noon to 3 p.m. on KTCK-AM 1310, answered questions in a chat on Friday. Some excerpts:

    On Jason Garrett narrowing the focus of the offense to fewer groupings and formations:
    Well, The Texans game appeared to have a much more narrow focus for sure. But, his full body of work says that part of Garrett's wiring is to tinker with new toys. We should not always consider this a bad thing, but I do believe the Cowboys have to be sure that they feed their big dogs and let the other ones deal with the scraps. Do what they do well, and then see what else is available as the game develops.

    On the potential of Dez Bryant:
    I think the sky is the limit for Dez Bryant. I always look for two things in a young athlete and seldom do they have both: Raw talent and ability and the desire to be the best. I think he has both. That should really excite people. No. 2 is tricky, because once athletes get here, they sometimes change with money and success. I don't think he will. We shall see.

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    Dez Bryant will be just fine... He's playing with a chip on his should, I love it!

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