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    Bob Sturm: Tashard Choice's breakout game shows evaluating weakness of Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips

    SportsDayDFW phoned Bob Sturm to comment on the Cowboys' win at the Indianapolis Colts. The following are highlights of a transcription of the interview:

    What do you think of Jerry Jones' comments that Tashard Choice was not playing more because of his performance on special teams. And does Choice, who ran for 100 yards on 19 carries and a touchdown against Indy, deserve a spot in the running back rotation in the future?

    The whole public comment from Jerry seemed incredibly odd. It's like relating the ability to return kicks to playing wide receiver, they seem largely unrelated in many respects. Just looking at the job Choice did today and in his other opportunities in the NFL, it sure seems he brings something to the party Marion Barber absolutely does not, and that is the burst to the corner. To beat the Colts to the edge, that's something you cant leave on your sideline. It's a bit disconcerting that the franchise sees him every day in practice and never noticed that playmaking ability and continued to run barber out there in big doses until he's hurt.

    We as media and fans depend on the Cowboys to know their roster better than we do. And I swear we seem to talk about this every week. It was Bryan McCann and Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (McCann replaced Owusu-Ansah on kick returns) two weeks ago and now we're wondering how Choice can have him nailed to the bench when he has that ability to run to the edge.

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    Some very good points there. It's pretty sad when your fanbase can see and recognize the talent the team has better than those getting paid to do it.

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    Wow... I love Jerry Jones the GM more and more!

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    Been saying this for years. Couldn't see Austin until injury and gave stiffs like barber, Hamlin, Williams etc... And hamstrung the team with big contracts. The other problem is too many wasted drafts due to poor decisions and bad judgement.

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