News: DMN: Breaking news, Cowboys fans: This time it really was the refs’ fault!

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Breaking news, Cowboys fans: This time it really was the refs’ fault!

    By Scott Bell
    8:40 pm on August 19, 2012 | Permalink

    In perusing comments following losses (or even after some wins), it’s become pretty clear that Cowboys fans are among the large group of sports fans who like to blame officials after a loss.

    Be glad Saturday night’s game against the Chargers didn’t count, because this one really might have been the refs’ faults.

    As ProFootballTalk explains, Saturday night’s Cowboys-Chargers game had the worst call of the preseason so far — a preseason that is being officiated by replacement officials.

    On a pass to Cowboys receiver Andre Holmes, Chargers safety Eric Weddle applied an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit. The ball bounced around and Chargers linebacker Donald Butler came up with the interception before it hit the ground.

    Following yet another extended discussion after the play, the officials gave the ball to San Diego and marked off the personal foul against the Chargers for the illegal hit. The correct move, as anyone who pays attention to NFL football knows, would have been to wipe out the interception, give the ball back to the Cowboys, and mark off the penalty against the Chargers from the previous spot.

    The article goes on to point out that it’s a more embarrassing gaffe, since under the new rules, all turnovers are subject to review, and even after a replay review, none of the officials properly returned the ball to the Cowboys and wiped away the interception...
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    How does our coaching staff not chime in and make them get it right is what I dont understand.
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    Part of the 2012 rules on instant replay:
    The owners also approved automatic instant replay review of all turnovers. A coach no longer will have to use one of his instant replay challenges to seek review of a turnover.
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    I am not talking about the replay part of it. Some one on the Cowboys staff has to realize there was a personal foul and start getting in the refs ear before or after the replay. The whole thing was bizarre.
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    The Dallas mediots are just as bad as those refs. Did this joker really need confimation before he believed that was a bad call? :facepalm:
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    I will admit, I think Garret should have been a bit more in the faces of the officials, but the real question here is how did this get by not only the refs, but the replay officials? All this stuff is reviewed now and they still can't get it right?

    If this had been a real game, I can't imagine how I would feel right now, especially if we lost (which we did). I thought the refs were doing a bit better than in the first week, but when I saw the play and their screwup, I couldn't believe it! Anyone that has watched football knows that was bogus.

    Even though it is only a preseason game, I am still pretty livid. What can we expect during real games? I guess all we can can hope for at this point: Gods be good! :pray:

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    Notice how coaches are being eerily patient with these refs. I think it's an order from the league office.

    Too late. The replacements have only firmed up the position of the regular refs. The league needs to give in more and get this done. I'm not a union guy, but the credibility of the season is at stake. You can't roll out these jokers in week one as much as single games count in the NFL; it'll stilt the season the rest of the way.
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    It's pre-season and the refs are rentals. If this was a real game Garrett would have made it an issue.

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