Recap: DMN: Broaddus Interview Recap - w/audio

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    Ex-scout Bryan Broaddus: The best player at Dallas Cowboys OTAs was ...

    Published: 01 June 2013 06:39 PM
    Updated: 01 June 2013 06:39 PM

    Ex-scout Bryan Broaddus joined GBag Nation on 105.3 FM The Fan earlier this week. Here are some highlights.
    On the best player at OTAs:
    “The player that’s been the best on the field, I think, has been Anthony Spencer. I will say this about him, I feel like Anthony Spencer, now with his hand on the ground, has got a shot. Him dropping and all that, fine, great. I think Anthony Spencer is a natural pass rusher. People are going to say, ‘Well, it’s (Doug) Free, it’s (Jeremy) Parnell.’ He’s been given those guys fits.”

    On Dez Bryant:
    “We talked about Dez last year and the route running and how he was going to have to be better. There were times where he was awful at it and we saw him float and Tony Romo wasn’t ever getting a nice read on him. What we’ve seen know from what he’s been able to take, the way he finished games and continued to run routes and to run them correctly at the right depth, to make the breaks. There’s some times here in this OTAs that we’ve been able to see that Brandon Carr has tried to cover him. They’re playing this bail technique, he really doesn’t know quite how to handle them. But Dez has been one of these guys, conditioning has been outstanding. Now you put in the mental side of it, the route running, always has had good hands but now you’ve got that ability to make cuts, to spin people, and he’s doing it against the better cornerbacks.”

    More: http://www.**************/sports/da...est-player-at-dallas-cowboys-otas-was-....ece

    Ex-scout Bryan Broaddus: Why Brandon Carr is the guy who struggled the most at Cowboys OTAs

    Ex-scout Bryan Broaddus joined GBag Nation on 105.3 FM The Fan earlier this week. Here are some highlights.
    On the guy who has struggled at OTAs:
    “I think Brandon Carr has had some problems in this new technique and what he is having to do. He’s a press corner to me. There’s been some times where he hasn’t finished the route. … If he doesn’t get his hands on you, there’s some problems there because of having to spin and do some things.”

    On who will play safety opposite of Barry Church:
    “That’s one that when we get to Oxnard we’re all going to have to keep our eye on. Matt Johnson getting the start, but I talked about (J.J.) Wilcox, the kid (Jakar) Hamilton who was a rookie free agent that they signed after the draft. He was a guy on their board that was a fifth-round player. So they went and got a guy that was very comparable to what they were drafting. I think Will Allen, a lot of confidence in him. He’s got the experience. I think they’re going to let Wilcox and I think they’re going to let Johnson battle for this job.”

    More: http://www.**************/sports/

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    I cant wait to see Wilcox and Johnson on the field.
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    ... the RT's loss.

    This should be very disconcerting for all of us, but particularly the Cowboys.

    I am a supporter of Spencer and it's going to be great to have him in the fold, long term (reports of working out a deal with him soon).

    But, as good as he is - in all likelihood, he is not a good as he appears to be against either of our RT's.

    Having said that and on the other hand, our RT's are probably not quite as bad as it appears since Spencer is above average as a 'Rushman'.
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    Any legs to this? I haven't heard anything, either way.

    As for the rest, in camp, one guy looking good means another looks bad. It doesn't really matter until you have enough evidence of one guy looking good against everybody. At some points, Spencer will get quality reps against good players, and we'll know the way we started hearing about Barry Church --of all people--last camp that it's one guy playing really well and not the other guys playing poorly. Otherwise, it won't just be Spencer looking great, and we'll start bringing in veteran OTs off the street and we'll have an answer in the other direction.
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    I hope with the installation of new defense they extend the reps in the preseason games. I know that they will be going against backups but the first game should be a full quarter just so the starters have the reps they need in the defense and have live action to acclimate.
  6. Flinger

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    Yeah - I read it, but can't get my hands on it. Didn't make it up. It was a positive report from an official source. Sorry - just can't remember where I read it.

    Regarding bringing in other OT's to challenging Spencer, I'm afraid you are correct.

    If I find that report, I will post it...
  7. DFWJC

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    Recall that they have 5 games this year to get the extra reps in.
    Good timing for a new system.
  8. xwalker

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    Regardless of scheme change, they need to minimize the contact and reps for players like Ware and Ratliff in the preseason. I would prefer them learning on the fly in game 1 as opposed to being injured for game 1.
  9. Supercowboy1986

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    agreed. but i believe that the players you listed should at most get 1 series a game during preseason
  10. JohnsKey19

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    Interesting reading and listening to Broaddus how he believes Johnson and Wilcox have just as much of a shot to start as Will Allen. Johnson appears to be the leader in the clubhouse. Yes, it is only June...
  11. Eskimo

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    Maybe so but right now is when you expect Allen to have the advantage. He is the veteran who has played for these coaches before in this defensive system. Johnson is the guy who couldn't even stay healthy enough to practice much last year and so is basically a rookie out there.
  12. jobberone

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    I understand where you're coming from but I would not come to that conclusion yet. I think Parnell has the strength, length and footwork to stay with Spencer for the most part. He's just inexperienced and Spencer is going to beat him occasionally right now. I still haven't figured Free out.
  13. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Going against Spencer will give them great experience. Parnell is a growing player and much like Dez, we could see him develop as he plays. If we are going to play youth we are going to have to let them play.

    After the first few weeks, and the ints etc, I was frustrated as hades at Bryants play. I don't know that I would have stuck with him. Coaching staff might not be up with the snap decisions but deliberate is a different story.
  14. proscout

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    I honestly don't think that matters to these coaches. Whomever plays next to Church is going to be the best player. Even when Allen was healthy they had Johnson with the ones.
  15. RoyTheHammer

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    Yea, i don't see any way Allen starts for us in game 1 this year. If so, we're in trouble. I really hope Johnson or Wilcox show enough to be out there. In a perfect world, i'd like to see them both starting by next year with Church being a depth and sub package guy.
  16. blackbull

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    It's no surprise. Allen isn't good.
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    Allen IS the guy who's played for Kiffin before.. he's also the guy who was regulated to gatorade duty by Kiffin before. Don't read too much into it. There's a reason we signed him for pennies.
  18. Cumart21

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    I believe if Allen starts, it's because the other Safety candidates were complete disasters. Let's hope not.
  19. Joe Rod

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    Agree. Allen is here as the fallback option to ensure they are at worst somewhat close to average. Let's hope he is safely on the bench come opening.
  20. Supercowboy1986

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    i never understood why hes considered an "insurancy policy" because hes just a JAG at best, maybe below a JAG. Unless you guys are into crummy insurance policies.

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