News: DMN: Brooking: Fans can be assured we'll be prepared for the start of 2011 season

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    Published 11 April 2011 10:06 PM

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    Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking was interviewed on KESN-FM on Friday to discuss the off-season and what the team is doing during the lockout. Here are some highlights:

    What’s the state of your off-season? What are you and the rest of the Cowboys doing?
    I stayed here up until the end of February, right before March, and then we got away for a little over a month and I just got back here Sunday, so I’m here for the remainder of the off-season. There’s guys that have gotten together and continue to get together in groups and work out and do our thing. And there will be some organized stuff going on later on down the road. We made a vow to each other that we would not discuss that with anyone except for ourselves, but our fans can be assured – obviously, these circumstances are a lot different than your normal off-season with our labor issues right now – but fans can be assured that we’re going to be prepared as we can possibly be, considering, and we’ll be ready for the start of the season.

    How many of you guys will be in charge of these workouts? Who is involved in that? What goes into an organized workout? How many people will show up?
    I mean, hopefully we’ll have a majority of our team there; the guys that are willing to have that type of activity. There’s going to be some guys that are injured but will still be there to get the mental reps, so yea, that’s our plan.

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