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    The Archer and Mosley Late Night Report...

    • The backup quarterbacks had a rough 7-on-7 drill, combining to go 1-of-8. For those of you scoring at home, quarterbacks should complete about 75 to 80 percent of their passes in this drill.

    The good news is that the secondary is making a lot of plays.

    • Safety Keith Davis had the hit of the day when he knocked running back Marion Barber's helmet off during team drills. He was mobbed by teammates after the play.

    • Parcells had Skyler Green, Demetris Summers, Keith Davis, Jamaica Rector and Pat McQuistan sing Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff" at the end of practice.

    The first four players had dreadlocks like the famous singer.

    McQuistan just has a really, really bad haircut.

    Green led the group, and actually sounded good. For so many reasons, McQuistan seemed lost.

    • Parcells ripped into linebacker Kevin Burnett after he drew an illegal contact penalty during team drills. Tony Romo connected with Tony Curtis for a long gain on the play.

    • Parcells told rookie RB Demetris Summers to "take his high heels off" after one running play.

    • Rookie free-agent receiver Sam Hurd had the catch of the day when he dived back to his left to make a fingertip grab.

    • The fact that Rob Petitti was starting at left tackle during team drills couldn't escape the keen eye of Todd Archer. Flozell Adams worked with the second team.

    Not sure if Parcells was sending Adams a message or not. Just a couple of days ago, Parcells talked about how he wanted to let Jason Fabini, Rob Petitti and Marc Colombo fight it out for starting right tackle.

    • Former SMU running back Keylon Kincade did a nice job bouncing a run outside during team drills. He ran the ball 70 yards into the end zone even though the defense had stopped chasing him 55 yards earlier.

    (OK, now time for Archer's notes)
    • J.R. Tolver had a rough start to the afternoon practice when he forgot to line up on the opening play of the session. Receivers coach Todd Haley ripped into Tolver, saying he needed to see something from Tolver. He did. He made a nice one-handed grab and later had a decent downfield block that earned praise from Parcells.

    • Not sure what this means, but Flozell Adams wears knob-style cleats normally reserved for turf while the rest of the offensive linemen wear studs or baseball-style plastic cleats.

    • Aaron Glenn takes practice seriously. He had an interception negated because of a holding penalty called by one of the visiting officials. Glenn called him, um, let's see, crazy, and then was told by Parcells to be quiet. It looked like a questionable call.

    • At one moment in practice the helmets of Jason Fabini and Kenyon Coleman became lodged.

    • The Cowboys might have two very good gunner blockers in Pat Watkins and Anthony Henry. They locked down cornerback Lenny Williams barely a yard off the line of scrimmage.

    • Linebacker Kevin Burnett was nearly unblockable as a blitzer in the afternoon. He said he had two in the afternoon work out. We'll give him one and a hurry. Tony Romo got the second pass off in time.

    • Linebacker Rocky Boiman is becoming that two-trick pony Parcells likes out of players. He can play either side and he's even had his hand on the ground in pass-rushing drills.

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    Don't I know you?

    Drew Bledsoe might need a roster. After misfiring on a pass as he rolled out to his right he said, 'Catch it, Miles,' aware he was off-target. Unfortunately it wasn't Miles Austin he was throwing to. It was Sam Hurd, another rookie free-agent receiver.

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    Ware sacks buffalo burger...

    We bumped into Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware at a place called Winchesters in Ventura last night. By my count, it was our 27th meal there in the last week and a half.

    No one can believe how strong Ware is this year. And he's added some pass-rushing moves to his arsenal. Last season, Ware would try to beat players with his speed.

    If someone got their hands on him, he could be neutralized. With his addded strength, he can bull-rush the passer.

    As Bill Parcells pointed out the other day, Ware is one of those rare guys who somehow excels without any noticeable mean streak. There's no reason why he can't have 11 sacks this season.

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    Big Cat is headed for Hall...

    Just placed a call to Rayfield "Big Cat" Wright a few minutes ago. He was leaving his hotel to head toward the noon induction ceremony.

    The co-author of his recent book, Jeanette DeVader, said the electricity in Canton was unbelievable. If you're planning to watch the ceremony, listen to what Rayfield's presenter, Stan Lomax, has to say. The former Fort Valley State football coach is a truly remarkable man, and from what I'm told, an excellent public speaker.

    Lomax has scripted out an 18-minute speech before being told in June that he would be limited to three minutes.

    I may be forced to skip Bill Parcells' news conference just this once in order to listen to Aikman's and Wright's speeches.

    Actually, I'll just log onto this blog and listen to the news conference at some point.

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    Folks, we have a winner!

    I just scrolled through the entries in our Pat McQuistan Caption Contest one last time.
    We have a lot of imaginative readers. And some demented ones, too.

    The winner of our first caption contest goes to...Cindy M. for this gem: Please welcome to the O-line - Krusty the Clown!


    "Escape from Supercuts"


    The darkest caption comes from Mike: (movie trailier voice) This summer prepare yourself for the emotional drama of the year. Cher, Sam Elliot, and Dallas Cowboys rookie Pat McQuistan star in Mask II: Rocky Goes To Camp.

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    Watkins is looking like an Ace Special Teamer and our FS of the future. Not bad for a 5th round pick. More than I would or could have expected.:bow:
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    That's some good news right there. You can never have too many guys who can blitz effectively.
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    Man The Tuna is on fire.

    I don't remember how many zings he was throwing out in the previous years but this year he is brutal. IMO, that is usually an indicator that he likes this team.
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    • At one moment in practice the helmets of Jason Fabini and Kenyon Coleman became lodged.

    Not sure where their helmets were lodged, but it sounds painful:eek:
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    It's TC, BP shouldn't be happy and he's gonna stay on their A**. That's part of what TC is all about.

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