DMN Camp Blog: Mosley, Cowlishaw Practice Report

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    The Cowlishaw practice report

    You have read the Mosley report. You have devoured the Archer practice report. You probably weren't expecting a report from such a prominent columnist since such creatures are famous for not paying attention to practice or not even showing up.

    Not the case with this former beat reporter.

    A few observations you can't get from Mosley or Archer or Watkins, possibly not even Taylor.

    ... My agent called during the morning session. There, you probably didn't read that sort of thing under Todd's byline. Unfortunately, rather than delivering good news, he simply wondered if I had a phone number of a writer who might make him more money than I have so far (none).

    ...Thought Greg Ellis did a nice job covering Terrell Owens on an out route, but lost tight end Jason Witten between the hash marks on the next play. The Cowboys are determined to turn Ellis into a 270-pound Everson Walls. Maybe he has a future with the club as a deep snapper.

    ...Never thought I would like a 6-foot-5 safety but Florida State rookie Patrick Watkins is going to be a player. I think.

    ...Parcells said the Cowboys' running game worked over the defense and Archer says so, too. When I see the No. 1 units line up 11 against 11, still looks to me like the defense could stop anything this offense throws at them.

    ...Punter Mat McBriar has won me over with the high pants look. Hiking up the shorts for the afternoon session as we speak.

    ...Still waiting on those overnights, but Ch. 4's Mike Doocy expressed fear that his Sunday night sportscast with Matt Mosley and the long-forgotten Mike Fisher got trounced by Ch. 11's Babe Laufenberg show that Archer and I took to a new level.

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    The Mosley Practice Report...

    • Second-year safety Justin Beriault left practice this morning after taking a shot in the head.

    News that Pirates and ex-Baylor pitcher Kip Wells had been traded to the Rangers sent shockwaves through practice.

    • Terrell Owens became the first NFL player to ever dunk the ball over the goal post to celebrate a TD on a 1-on-1 drill.

    • J.R. Tolver (6-1, 205) made a leaping grab in the corner of the end zone during the same drill.

    • Free-agent rookie WR Sam Hurd has shown some flashes early in camp. Hurd lost cornerback Anthony Henry on a quick crossing route. Hurd has the ability to cut on a dime and he seems to have caught passing game coordinator Todd Haley's eye.

    • Bill Parcells sent a message when he cut Ahmad Merritt after only three practices. He chastised Merritt for making several mental mistakes during the first couple of practices. It didn't help that Merritt was dropping balls. Merritt, a former Chicago Bear, had a knack for making tough catches. It's the routine ones that gave him trouble.

    • Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer was in a foul mood this morning. He ripped into rookie linebacker Bobby Carpenter.
    Re-route that [expletive] receiver. Are you rushin' or [expletive] dropping back.
    Zimmer's father witnessed all of this from the sideline.

    • Had a nice conversation with former Cowboys running back Calvin Hill during the morning practice. He said the Cowboys used to have about 140 players the first week off training camp. They currently have 82.
    "It was like you were in Russia or something," Hill said. "Guys would disappear in the middle of the night."

    • Rookie running back Demetris Summers showed some great quickness during team running drills. Summers, one of the most decorated high school athletes ever, could be a good practice squad candidate.

    • Always nice to get a call from former Cowboys personnel director Gil Brandt during a practice.

    • Parcells keep rolling out the T-shirt slogans. On Monday, he went with a long-sleeve tee that had the words, "Every day is Hump Day" written on the back of it. The shirt also featured a picture of a camel (get it?). Parcells is quickly becoming the king of the hokey T-shirt.

    • "Sweet" Lou Polite is getting a ton of reps. With the FB position becoming obsolete, he's learning the F-back position. He's really improved his pass-catching skills. And if you haven't heard, he's been labeled the strongest player on the team now that Larry Allen is gone.

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    Great info, thanks
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    Cowlishaw is a freakin idiot!
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    I'm happy to see Mr. Watkins catching the eye of a lot of people, keep that in mind as the season comes along.
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    Nice read...thanks
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    Yes, I said before (as so did many others) he will be starting around games 10 to 12.
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    Whats the difference?

    Is the f-back some FB and h-back hybrid or something?
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    I like it that the baseball rade sent shock-waves through practice!:lmao2:
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    He is more of a tool, but I'm splitting hairs

    I'm waiting for a Blackistone report complaining about Ellis playing LB.

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