DMN Camp Blog: Mosley on the TO coverage

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 8, 2006.

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    The guy you can't get enough of...

    Yes, I realize some of you can't stomach any more T.O. news, but just bear with me for a moment. Today more than ever, Parcells made it clear that he would not participate in the controversy that he feels like we're drumming up regarding Owens and his Magic Oxygen Machine. And judging by my in-box, many of you agree with him.

    When I asked Parcells how it made his medical staff feel for Owens to bring in all this outside help, Parcells said I would have to ask them.

    Keep in mind that he forbids the medical staff from talking with us.

    Let me remind you, though, that Owens (above, doing pushups Monday) will continue to be the biggest story of this season. I would challenge you to find any Cowboys-related blog/forum in which this guy isn't the main topic.

    He is, in my mind, one of the three or four biggest celebrities in all of sports, and everything he does will continue to be scrutinized.

    Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about the progress of Jay Ratliff or Bobby Carpenter. It just means you'll have to live with some of this stuff.

    Oh, and Parcells just spent the first couple of minutes of practice talking to Owens. He gave him a pat on the back, and then Owens made a beeline for the stationary bike.

    infinitely yours,

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    That's a load off my mind.
  3. RealCowboyfan

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    good point:starspin
  4. BigDFan5

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    He should come here and see us begging for info on our other players instead of all TO all the time
  5. TheKey

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    Wilbon on PTI said Owens was faking the injury becaus he didnt like Bledsoe.
  6. zrinkill

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    Hey I have a weird idea .....

    What if ...... just if ...... T.O. has a pulled hamstring and will be back in a week ...........

    I know this is inconceivable ...... but just what if .....

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    Yeah, I bet bringing an oxygen chamber out to Cali and hiring your own medical staff and flying them out there is cheap. I mean I would do all of that so I could fake an injury if I didn't liek someone.
  8. baj1dallas

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    We should ask if TO let Bledsoe drive his car any.

    Or maybe if he let's Bledsoe use the hyperbaric chamber after practice.
  9. TonyS

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    Parcells is brilliant enough to use the media as the enemy instead of making TO run to the media. Now its Bill and T.O. against the world. I like it.
  10. SupermanXx

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    I was just about to say the exact same thing

    good call
  11. TheKey

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    Owens said "I feel very confident ill be ready for the season"

    Doesnt sound like someone planning to come back anytime soon.
  12. CrazyCowboy

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    I hope he can start playing the media will hush up
  13. jimmy40

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    Just wait till the first game Witten has more catches than TO.
  14. Coakleys Dad

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  15. Sportsbabe

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    I'm sick of Wilbon hating on TO. He and the Hatemonger should get a room. I listen to him every day with his bias opinions on Terrell. His credibility is deteriorating on this subject.
  16. Sportsbabe

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    My only concern is his rhythm with Drew. Chemistry is a heck of a drug. No that's cocaine. Never mind. I just want the season to start:laugh1:
  17. 1fisher

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    Guess what??? they won't hush up.... It's ALL TO ALL the time! Get used to it!
  18. jimmy40

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    TO wouldn't have it any other way.
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    Way to service your readership....also known as your customers. In the realm of sports reporting, you should give the customer what they want.

    Why doesn't Mosely just come out and say "well, we can't really write anything interesting because we aren't that creative to begin HERE'S MORE T.O!"

    These DMN blogs have been atrocious with every writer trying to be funny or making some inside joke that maybe 10 people understand and 3 people actually care about and even one writer pimping the dinner he had with his friend who is a comedian in LA.

    There's TONS of things to write about when it comes to the Cowboys, but the Dallas writers mostly consist of lazy, uninspired hacks.

    I find it sad that I can learn more from 1 Vela blog or 1 Grizz blog on the Cowboys than I can find from months of work done by all of the Dallas writers.

  20. stasheroo

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    Wow, that's shocking!

    I mean for an "impartial" Washington-based journalist to say anything negative about the Dallas cowboys or one of their players seems inconceivable to me.........


    I think you bring up a good point here. Parcells may actually use this media frenzy to form a strong bond between he and Owens, defending him against the media scrutiny where othere coaches couldn't or didn't.


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