News: DMN Chat: George: Dez Bryant miles ahead of Austin early in camp

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Published 31 July 2011 08:31 PM

    Cowboys writer Brandon George chatted with Cowboys fans during the team's most recent practice Sunday afternoon. During the chat he answered a number of questions about free agency and the upcoming season. Here are some highlights from the chat:

    Todd: I still think we need to had a vet WR just in case Dez or Austin goes down with an injury!

    Brandon George: Good point. But Jerry Jones sounded as if he's only looking at adding safeties and -- maybe -- another DL.

    Joe: How has Dez looked in practice?

    Brandon George: @Joe, he's looked great so far. He had his best practice yet yesterday. He made several great catches. One diving, another spinning around, and he's beat CBs over and over again. He's been sharp. He says he's ready to start this year and it looks that way so far.

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...ryant-miles-ahead-of-austin-early-in-camp.ece
  2. ThreeSportStar80

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    Miles Austin runs crisp routes and is the true number 1 receiver... Don't get fooled.
  3. sago1

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    Glad Dez looking so good; obviously he's really focused. If he keeps his act together throughout the upcoming season, he'll drive our opponents crazy. Through in Austin who can also really disrupt them along with the unstoppable Witten, our passing attack will do major damage--if our OL can protect Romo & that's a major question given Gurode's PUP status & Holland & Smith on the right.
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    For all his immaturity, Dez has this quality that few players have. There are just a few players who want that ball when the game is on the line.

    Michael Irvin talked about this. There are some players who don't want the pressure, the spotlight when there absolutely needs to be a play made. They're scared they might fail. You can see it in their eyes.

    Then there are those players who say "Get me the ball! I will NOT fail."

    That's the type player Irvin was. That's the type player Dez is. And that's why I can endure his "perceived" immaturity. He really, really, really can't wait to play and be a playmaker.

    I don't get that from many players, even on the Cowboys roster (and that's not to say they don't have that desire. It's just not permeating from their being). I get that from Dez. Just wait until he gets more experience. He's going to be uncoverable.
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    I'd take Dez over Miles any day.
  6. chip_gilkey

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    I honestly feel like Miles is better than Dez right now (although that may be changing very quickly) but Dez obviously has WAY more potential and upside than Miles.
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    Agreed. Let's hope Dez's dazzle isn't our DB's fizzle.
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    This is how I see it: Dez is the more naturally talented and physically superior, but currently Miles is the more polished receiver of the two.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    :laugh2: Good point...

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