News: DMN: Cowboys Blog: Garrett expects Romo to be better than ever; Ware won't take pay cut

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by NewsBot, Dec 30, 2013.

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    DWare is a CLASS act and great Cowboy....but we all know he was in the witness protection program this season. Dude was non EXISTENT. He should take a cut honestly. He's part of the problem right now. This isn't a popularity contest. He's simply ineffective right now.
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    Is DeMarcus really being a team player if he keeps insisting upon overcharging the team for what little he's been able to accomplish lately? Renegotiation is just another way of prolonging his invevitable retirement and getting overpaid for it in the meantime. That's not exemplary of what a "team player" does if he's intent of being fair. The Cowboys' organization will be obliged to act in the best interest of the team even if that includes sending Ware packing. Being sentimentally involved isn't in the best interest of the franchise. This is about business and nothing more. Ware needs to face facts and put his pride on a back burner, otherwise, it's time to say goodbye.
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    Never discount the recently divorced factor.

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