News: DMN: Cowboys DB coach: I don’t want our corners to be Ronde Barber

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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor
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    Cowboys defensive backs coach Jerome Henderson, who doesn’t have any coaching connections to Kiffin, has been watching film of his boss’ old defenses. Barber is a player he has likely studied at great length. But Henderson’s not expecting Carr and Claiborne to be another player.

    “You can look back in the past and see how they played things and their effort and how they ran to the ball,” Henderson said Thursday. “You want your guys to see that. And to show them, ‘Gosh, if you trust the system and you do the things they ask you to do in the system, it works.’ It has a history of working. You use the past.

    “Not to say you want (them) to be Ronde Barber. I don’t want either of our corners to be Ronde Barber, but I do want them to say, ‘Gosh, this guy has created a great career for himself playing this way and that is what we want to do. We want you to use your unique skill set but we want you to play this way because it has a history of being successful.’”

    Henderson said he has also been watching tape of how the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks have run the same scheme. Henderson is hoping the Cowboys can duplicate the success those teams had intercepting passes last season. The Cowboys tied for last in the league with seven interceptions in 2012. Chicago, Seattle and Tampa Bay each had 18 or more.

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