News: DMN: Cowboys must sign CB Brandon Carr soon or risk being shut out

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    Cowboys must sign CB Brandon Carr soon or risk being shut out
    ByDavid Moore / Reporter | Bio

    9:17 AM on Wed., Mar. 14, 2012 | Permalink
    The Cowboys are still trying to entice Brandon Carr to sign.

    The urgency of closing this deal has increased for the Cowboys.

    Three of the top cornerbacks available have come off the free agent market since the Cowboys began their negotiations with Carr Tuesday evening. Cortland Finnegan has agreed to a five-year deal with St. Louis believed to be in the $50 million range while Carlos Rogers took a reported four-year, $31 million deal to stay in San Francisco. Earlier this morning, Eric Wright agreed to a five-year deal with Tampa Bay.
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    Is Jerry penny pinching again?
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    Nobody wants to come play in Dallas unless they get twice the market rate...

    See the Vision....Accept the Fate!!!
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    That makes alot of sense. Jerry's always been tight, right? :confused:
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    Over the years it is pretty clear that you either sign players early or late. Now Carr is a limited commodity his agent is going to stick it to Jerruh.

    Dallas is not only doing a poor job hiring coaches, drafting, managing the cap. Now they are in danger of botching the one thing they have done well and that is free agency.
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    Agents dont stay employed long if the dont get the best deal they can for their client. Finnegan set the bar. Is what it is.
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    Did some of you think you were going to get a top CB on the cheap? :laugh2:

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