News: DMN: Cowboys rookies get a chance to make a splash

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    [SIZE=-1]Column by DAVID MOORE / The Dallas Morning News

    Column by DAVID MOORE / The Dallas Morning News | dmoore@**************

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    SAN DIEGO – A few pesky questions were addressed by the Cowboys in Saturday's 16-14 win over the San Diego Chargers.

    Tony Romo does not need to join the red ruffed lemur on the endangered species list when Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier aren't around. The Cowboys can score a touchdown in the red zone. The defense can produce turnovers.
    Some of the team's largely invisible draft class even showed up.

    Dez Bryant was not among them. The headliner of the group stood on the sideline in a Cowboys cap and T-shirt with a towel draped around his neck. His moment came when he was the first to congratulate Miles Austin for his touchdown reception once Austin returned to the Cowboys' bench.

    "They made some mistakes," Phillips said. "Lee came off his guy one time, but he learned as the game went along, I thought."

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