News: DMN: Cowlishaw: Close losses can only get you so far, just ask Wade

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    Tim Cowlishaw

    ARLINGTON – This much we know. A Jason Garrett-coached team plays with passion, makes big plays and can hang in there right to the end with the big boys.

    For me, that's enough to say that Garrett should coach the Cowboys in 2011. As you probably know, I won't be the one making that call.

    That decision belongs solely to owner Jerry Jones. And I wonder if it got tougher to make in Garrett's favor after the Philadelphia Eagles avenged two losses at Cowboys Stadium a year ago with Sunday night's 30-27 victory.

    Again, I'm not saying it should. I think we have seen enough in the five games Dallas has played since Wade Phillips was fired to know that this is a different team.

    It's the team it should have been all season. But...

    When the Cowboys blow a fourth-quarter lead and suffer a tough loss, does that loosen Garrett's grip on this team for 2011?

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