News: DMN:Cowlishaw: I have my doubts that the Cowboys' players-only meeting will work

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    Tim Cowlishaw

    SportsDay columnist Tim Cowlishaw chatted with readers Wednesday afternoon about a number of Dallas sports-related topics. Here are some of the highlights about topics concerning Cowboys fans:

    On whether the player-only meetings will have any affect: I'm sure that's the intent. Green Bay held its meeting right before the Dallas game last year because Aaron Rodgers was getting crushed on a weekly basis. It worked for the Packers although I doubt the meeting was solely responsible. I don't think there's enough togetherness or leadership on the Cowboys defense to make it work. Does the whole locker room stand at attention because Newman says they need to practice harder? I have my doubts. We shall see.

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    Cowlishaw, I've had doubts in you since way back in your beginnings, I implied by association that you were gay. And you wrote back thanking me for elevating conversation to the inclusion of Greek philosophers, (who had the practice of male attractions.)
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    We shall see... I'm hoping it works.

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