News: DMN:Cowlishaw: Jon Kitna leads, throws, (runs!); Cowboys have shot against Super Bowl

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    Cowlishaw: Jon Kitna leads, throws, (runs!); Cowboys have shot against Super Bowl competition

    Tim Cowlishaw

    ARLINGTON – The one thing you don’t expect to learn – the one thing you don’t honestly need to learn in a lost season – is that your 38-year-old backup quarterback can really play.

    Jon Kitna did not repeat his 300-yard passing game against the Giants on Sunday. But when it comes to the three touchdowns he delivered in New York, he went one better at Cowboys Stadium.

    Kitna threw just 24 passes against Detroit, but he completed 18, three for touchdowns, and even ran a career-long 29 yards for another score in the Cowboys' 35-19 win over the Lions.

    "There's a reason he's been playing in this league a long time," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said.

    Kitna has played a lot and he has watched a lot in his 14 NFL seasons – 15 if you count a year on the Seattle practice squad in 1996. When the Cowboys needed him after they lost Romo against the Giants in October, Kitna wasn't ready.

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