News: DMN:Cowlishaw: Jones blew it with Payton, is Garrett his 2nd chance?

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    Tim Cowlishaw

    When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones turns his gaze to the opponent's sideline today, he's likely to be struck by two thoughts about Saints coach Sean Payton.

    One. "I used to have him."

    Two. "How do I get him?"

    Possible answer: He already has him. Again.

    When Jason Garrett was hired as offensive coordinator in 2007 – actually he was just hired, period, before a head coach was named and then the coordinator title came after – he talked about his influences. Payton, who was offensive coordinator when Garrett played in New York, ranked right at the top.

    That was an easy choice to make, given that Payton had just led the Saints to an NFC Championship Game that month.

    Now a head coach, Garrett continues to talk glowingly about Payton. Again it comes with good reason.

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    I guess Jerry could have done more to keep Payton here. I just beleive Payton was tired of waiting on BP to make up his mind, and he also wanted to get away from BP.

    I'm happy with the guy we have.
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    I like the way Garrett pays attention to detail and commands the players to do the same.
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    please bookmark this till end of the season.

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