DMN: Cowlishaw: Where's the outrage for the Pro Football Hall of Fame procedures?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 3, 2014.

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    And you don't think players will stick up for other players whom they like?
    The reason why the HoF extended the vote to writers and not players is that writers tend to watch more games than players, believe it or not.
    Many players are so absorbed in their own game, they don't pay attention to other games. Furthermore, many players hold grudges against rivals and other teams and players based on various reasons. Ideally, writers who cover more games and have a more
    generational perspective (Peter King has been covering NFL football since the 60s) would have a better perspective of a Hall of Fame great than your average player.
    Besides, any system is going to be flawed because it involves humans.
    I would, however, be open to select Hall of Fame players being included in the process.
    I think they would more jealously guard their fraternity.
  2. tyke1doe

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    If the Hall honored players at specialty positions like it should, Darryl Johnston should be in.
  3. tyke1doe

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    Schedules probably didn't allow them all of them to be there.
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    I guess.

    I"d probably pay for that of all the living Cowboys HofFers.


    Line up with my CC I would.
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    Haley's a borderline candidate at best.
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    The Hall is a joke. Sooo many cowboys that should be in that will never get in. Until 2006 there were only 7 cowboys in and 2 of those were Landry and Schramm

    Harris and Waters should be in. Daryl Johnston. Jay Novacek. Darren Woodson. Chuck Howley. Lee Roy Jordan. Tom Rafferty. Nate Newton. Harvey Martin. Ed Jones. Drew Pearson. Don Meredith. Don Perkins. Charles Haley. Cornell Green. George Andrie. Billy Jo Dupree. Everson Walls. Ralph Neeley. John Niland. Walt Garrison. Danny White. Tony Hill. Blaine Nye. Erik Williams. Mark Tuinei. Michael Downs.

    Tell me why any one of these guys are not in the hall of fame. I guarantee you they are better than somebody that is in the Hall of fame at their respective position

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