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    Cowlishaw: Why Mike Shanahan is most responsible for lack of sizzle in Cowboys-Redskins 'rivalry'

    Tim Cowlishaw

    We have seen this Cowboys-Redskins rivalry on the ropes before. But never quite like this.

    When Norv Turner came here to match wits with Chan Gailey or when Steve Spurrier and Dave Campo locked horns, well, those were reminders that the days of Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson battling George Allen or Joe Gibbs for NFC supremacy were long gone.

    And, indeed, the Cowboys and Redskins ruled a lot more than just the NFC East for many years.

    There's a reason these two established the league's best rivalry over an extended period of time. From the 1966 season (the first Super Bowl) through the Cowboys' last Super Bowl triumph after the 1995 season, 20 of 30 NFC Championship Games featured either Dallas or Washington.

    Occasionally, the game featured both.

    In fact, 13 of those 30 games were won by either the Cowboys or Redskins. When your matchup is going to determine which NFC team gets to the Super Bowl more than 40 percent of the time ... now that's what you call a rivalry.

    So much for the history lesson.

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