News: DMN: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant’s phone call to WR Terrance Williams another example

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    Like Dez a lot and know he is a leader, and matured immensely. He needs to get away from the outbursts so he can quiet the nay sayers..
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    I didn't mean Romo personally didn't recover , I meant his image amongst the Fanbase took a hit. This coming off the Mexico trip and Jessica Simpson using him to get her name out there again. Tony and Jessica was just as bad as Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian.

    Tony still gets booed at Dallas Mavericks games when the show his face. I bet some of you diehard Romo supporters will be the first to sling his name in the mud when the Cowboys release him in two years.
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  3. Doomsday101

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    No I woudn't I like Romo just as I liked Danny White and felt he got a bad rap from a lot of fans. Don Meredith sameway. Romo is a damn fine QB I think Dallas is lucky to have him but as far as championships that will happen when our team as a whole gets it done.
  4. dogunwo

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    Now THAT was funny. LOL. #tapthebreaks
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    Ahhh, a set of 10's. Makes more sense considering the flop texture;)
  6. texbumthelife

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    We will agree to disagree. Tyron Smith is the best player on the team currently and has the brightest future.

    It's easy to get caught up in a position with numbers you can track. Dez Bryant might make 10 very good catches in a game. Tyron blocked for all ten of those catches, plus every other offensive play and did it at an all-pro level. Frankly, it's not even close.
  7. Doc50

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    Irvin would would love that, too -- and he's talked with Dez about that, about passing on that tradition of #88, passionate motivator and playmaker.

    (hopefully without the infidelity and criminal behavior).
  8. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Love it!!!!!!
  9. CyberB0b

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    His biggest sin coming out of college was eating dinner with Deion. Now, he has had some boneheaded moments, like the pants on the ground thing in the mall, but he appears to be past all of that.
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  10. CyberB0b

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    I never understood why the Grama character was so pissed that Mike was winning. It guaranteed that he got paid. If Mike would have lost, he wouldn't have gotten his money.
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  11. Ultra Warrior

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    Everything you listed, only morons would care & give him grief over it.

    As for your last sentence, Nope. I'll thank him for what he could do for this dysfunctional Franchise.
  12. BigStar

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    Grama bought up Worm debts while reaching out to KGB for muscle. Teddy KGB basically gambled away all the debt Grama bought up on the street and then some. He definitely wanted to kill him for fronting for Worm too.
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  13. dcstands4

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    Gotta love dezatron's passion and leadership
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  14. 50cent

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    Exactly why he (Dez) and Murray should be the focal points (face) of the offense. Their mindset and demeanor are just different. They get it!
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