Recap: DMN: Darren Woodson talks Tony Romo, more...w/audio

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    ormer Dallas Cowboys defensive back Darren Woodson recently joined Fitzsimmons & Durrett on KESN-FM. Here are some highlights from the interview.
    On what he expects from Tony Romo:

    “I expect a lot out of Tony. I always have. When Tony first came in his rookie year, there was something about the kid. He walked in on the first day of camp and we had Chad Hutchinson and Drew Henson and those guys, the first day I was sitting there with Sean Payton, and he said hey, this kid is special. I said he’s the best quarterback on this team right now, and I saw him in three days. Three days at camp. There was something about the guy so my expectations of Tony over the years have always been high.”

    On Romo’s work ethic:

    “They can say what they want to say about Tuesdays him showing up and finally being involved. He’s been all in since the day I met him.

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    Love Woody.
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    Yet another who talks highly of Romo work ethic. Again preceptions and reality are not the same. Those who know say one thing and outsiders say something else
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    The only problem with Woodson is that he works for ESPN. However, he's a class act and refuses to unnecessarily bash players which he is asked to do. May cost him his job in the future, but he can hold his head up high. He'll have no problem landing on his feet.
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    Woodson has been critical of the Cowboys in the past he give his honest assesment but never comes off as bashing be it the Cowboys or other teams they talk about.
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    Credibility....what a novel concept lol
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    He should be in the ring of honer

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