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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Deion Sanders: Jason Witten is the Cowboys' true No. 1 receiver and needs more touches.

    Former Cowboy Deion Sanders recently appeared on the Ben and Skin Show to discuss a number of Cowboys-related topics. Here are some highlights:

    LINK to article
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    I disagree. Last year Witten had like 100 catches and 2 TDs. I will continue my assertion that Wittens numbers needed to go down. The ball needs to be in the hands of players that are more explosive. Now Wittens numbers do not need to go down to 70 catches. But 80 is fine....and where on the field you use him is imortant. But Bennett needs to be more involved. Felix needs to be more invlolved. Bryant is a new addition. These 3 guys are explosive and in order to get them more involved Witten will have to sacrifice touches.
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    If Witten's added involvement means sending Dez and Miles out further than ten yards in their pass patterns, then I agree with Deion 100%.

    WVU stinks!
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    Absolutely. When we were winning in 2007 it was because of Witten. We need to get him going first and foremost, then everything else will open up IMO.

    Unless we're trying to, and defenses are simply taking it away. In that case somebody else needs to make a freaking play.
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    the problem is that they are having to keep Witten in more and more for protection because of the poor offensive line play. The thing to watch is if they can get the line patched back up will Romo continue to see Witten blocking and will he continue to throw off his back foot or step up in the pocket. The good qb's welcome the blitz then make the defense pay for doing it.
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    Witten needs more looks but he's slowing down to me... I want to see Bennett on the field more.
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    Witten stayed in and blocked a good bit Sunday night. I hope we don't have to do that every week or it's going to be a long season.
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    Witten is Romo's number 1 target and he is unstoppable. But if we have to keep him back to block we aren't gonna win much games.

    WE need Witten to make those 3rd down plays. He is unstopable if we use him correctly.

    The problem is with Garrett. He will use stupid plays and waste a down while we could have gone down the middle to Witten. Witten may not be dynamic. But he is clutch and moves the chains. Remember he was one of the reasons why we won against the Saints. When he is used like he was used in 2007, our offense was unstoppable.
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    Miles Austin is the unquestioned number one WR on this team. I think he's becoming the best WR in the NFL.

    Jason Witten is a great player, and he needs his touches. However, I think Romo throws underneath to him sometimes when the ball should probably go to Felix Jones in space.

    With Dez Bryant in the mix, I expect Witten's touches (per game)to actually decrease.

    Witten will still get his touches, but if the coaching staff is consistently smart, boy am I being overly optimistic, the ball should go to Felix Jones and Dez Bryant more.

    I don't expect Bryant to get 12 attempts per game like the last game, but he will get his chances. Felix Jones should get 4 or 5 chances per game to catch the ball, too. I guess that bodes well for Witten since the coaching staff (evidently) doesn't care about using Jones.

    The odd man out should be Roy Williams. Williams is probably a guy you want to target, perhaps 3 times per game.

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