DMN: Ed 'Too Tall' Jones: Cowboys still searching for leadership in locker room

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. casmith07

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    Nothing better than a thread full of followers discussing leadership, lol.
  2. SDCowboy85

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    Hmm...Is he part of the locker room? If not, I fail to see how his opinion of the leadership has any relevance to the current team.
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  3. casmith07

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    Pretty much the nutshell opinion we should all hold. He was a great player, and I respect everything that he has done and even respect his opinion, but I take it with exactly one grain of salt.
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  4. HoustonFrog

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    Why are people guessing at the leaders or taking shots at Jones? The reality is we have zero players who get in people's faces and who are taken seriously when they do it. You can't just "act" like a leader and start getting on people. They have to respect you and how you step up. I'm not sure if we have anyone who the players look at it and go.."can't let him down."

    I love how people discredit old great players like they don't have any insight. You know most of them stay abreast of what is going on and probably talk to more people in the locker room than we know about. Ex-players are at the stadium gameday constantly.
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  5. BoysFan4ever

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    It's funny you would say that about not letting a player down. Drew Pearson said exactly that about Coach Landry. He said his teammates played hard because they didn't want to let him down. And Dan Reeves said even when they won that he still picked them apart because he expected so much from them. Different era now for sure.
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  6. jobberone

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    Charlie Waters said that with more emphasis. Didn't want to let him or their teammates down. That they'd all gone thru enough. The crying spell in the locker room got to all of them.
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  7. CATCH17

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    Dallas has a coaching and management problem.

    All this leadership and player accountability hasn't been a problem for awhile.

    We need better coaches and a real GM.
  8. HoustonFrog

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    YUP! It's about everyone having their responsibility and taking it personally that they won't let their teammates down. Doesn't happen on this least not that I've seen. They can talk a big game and say it but overall the proof is in the results. As much as people hate Ray Lewis and other players like him, the reality is people wanted to win games for guys like him. They take it personally.
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  9. jobberone

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    I don't know what's going on in the locker room and I don't care enough to try and find out. But I do know there are times I thought we needed better fans. :)
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  10. 50cent

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    While I don't disagree with you on needing more productive talent, this core of leaders (Ware, Witten, Romo) have been in this position of leadership for more than just the 2 years you referenced. They as leaders have produced great numbers and exciting moments over the years, but have lead us to only 1...

    2007 & 2009 with the same leaders, but with talented players and depth led us to what? That same group of leaders in 2008 with a distraction in TO, PacMan and Tank had the perfect opportunity to lead and not let a couple of players ruin a playoff chance and what happened? They let the personalities of 3 bad apples, ruin a playoff opportunity and thus quit vs Philly. Our leaders allowed a team to quit not only vs Philly that year, but vs GB in Wades last game as well as vs NO this year. That's not leadership when you can let a small group ruin the locker room or outright quit.

    They had an opportunity to psych a team up 3 years in a row to over achieve and make the postseason and all duds. How about the closing of Texas Stadium?

    These guys have had every type of locker room to control, from healthy and talented to cancers in the locker room to injury riddled seasons with win and get in chances and done nothing, so there is no excuse not to blame them as failed leaders.

    These guys dont produce when needed and don't raise the level of play of others. These guys have been the leaders since 2006 in some shape. That's 8 seasons of leadership with only 3 postseason appearances.
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  11. 50cent

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    First of all, the gentleman that I'm going back and forth with is someone I know personally and are former co-workers. Secondly, anything that I know is not your right to know. If I want to share it with someone I know, that's a me decision. And I don't mind doing so for him in a DM. Airing dirty laundry in public to strangers (YOU) isn't the way I operate unless I've been wronged.

    I'm not saying I'm better than anyone or know more than anyone on this forum but Nav and I work(ed) in an industry where dirty laundry is the biz and easily confirmed.

    Now go put your nose in the corner and let grown folk continue to debate.
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  12. casmith07

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    Yeah, sure.

  13. Hoofbite

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    I go back and forth on the leaders. When you see the team put out a gutless performance like the Saints game it's hard to think there are any.

    But how can Jason Witten not be a leader? Never misses a game, grinds day in and day out, and is a good person. Successful and works hard, seems like a dead ringer for the title of "leader".

    I think the problem is that all the "followers" are content with being average and the culture in Dallas simply permits it, and often times rewards it.
  14. 44cowboys22

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    This is what's wrong....
    Ware & Witten getting on Dez for being emotional.
    Point blank ENOUGH SAID

    We all know what Dez was saying, yet those two get in his face reminding him there's still football left to play. Dez wasn't accepting failure and got called out by our leaders. Is Witten a HOF TE ? Yes, but 1 playoff win does not make you a champion in the least bit.
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  15. SilverStarCowboy

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    Love Too Tall and realize that Dallas has had enough talent over the years to succeed.

    Jerral Wayne Jones is the Leader in Dallas and exactly why no one else is able to step up. Witten, Ware, Romo, Lee and Garrett try to lead but they hit their head on the floor when the carpet gets jerked out from underneath their cleats.

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