News: DMN: Father of Travis Frederick is a big fan of Wisconsin of Romo

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    By Brandon George / Reporter

    The father of Cowboys first-round pick Travis Frederick said he’s a big Tony Romo fan.

    Darrell Frederick said he followed Romo’s high school career in Burlington, Wisc. Darrell Frederick said Burlington is only about 30 miles from Sharon, Wisc., the hometown of the Wisconsin center.

    “It’s kind of in the back yard,” Darrell Frederick said. “It’s always fun to root for a hometown, home area kind of guy. This is really exciting.”

    Darrell and Elizabeth Frederick – Travis’ parents – said about 20 of their son’s friends and family were at their home Thursday night when the Cowboys called.

    “We are very excited,” Elizabeth said. “It’s awesome. We’re actually Chicago Bears’ fans, but now we are Dallas Cowboys fans, effective today.”

    Darrell said that Travis has always been a hard worker and called him a “man among boys in high school” because he was “big and strong.” Travis played offensive and defensive tackle at Big Foot High School.

    In fact, Darrell said that Travis weighed more than 150 pounds as a 10-year-old and wasn’t allowed to play for his 9-10-year-old football team because he was too big.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...a-big-fan-of-wisconsin-native-tony-romo.html/
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    I like what I'm hearing. Sounds like a big dude and they are supporters of the QB, which is always a plus. Don't need any players or Cowboy supporters who will be throwning the QB under the bus at the first opportunity (hopefully).
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    that's just....:laugh2: daughter is 10 and she's 5'6" tall....and 80 lbs.....:lmao2:
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    That's tall for a 10 year old.
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    Also heard today on Dallas sports talk that he has a nasty streak. He tends to break people's arms and legs in "praktiss". "We talkin 'bout praktiss."
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    I love hearing the audio and sometimes video of the call. What a moment in a kid's life. You're not only going to the NFL, you're a Dallas Cowboy. That still means something.

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