News: DMN: Fraley: Cowboys rookie linebacker Sean Lee answers the call

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    Gerry Fraley

    INDIANAPOLIS – In the most crucial moments of Sunday's game against Indianapolis, Cowboys inside linebacker Bradie James worked with a rookie partner who had barely been road-tested.

    James never fretted. On this eventful day, rookie Sean Lee changed from prospect to NFL linebacker.

    "Young pup, Sean Lee, I'm so happy for him," James said. "He made so many big plays at the right time. Talk about development from him. He is playing his tail off."

    Lee responded to the most extended playing time of his interrupted debut season with his best performance to date in the win against Indianapolis. Lee filled in for veteran inside linebacker Keith Brooking, limited by an injured left foot, and made plays the defense sorely needed.

    Lee had two interceptions off Indianapolis pitch-man Peyton Manning. Lee returned one for a 31-yard touchdown and set up David Buehler's game-winning field goal with the other. Lee also participated in four tackles on pass plays, each of which held the receiver to a gain of four yards or less.

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    It was great to see the "young pup" on the field making plays.

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