News: DMN: Garrett: I’m not concerned with perception; ‘I know what I do each and every day

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 5, 2013.

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    People like the Tallking Cowboys form that same core that smashed Wade for handling his PCs in the same way they 'praise' Jason Garrett. Back then, it was all Wade's fault. But because their golden boy is now getting hammered, JG is 'handling' the situation well and it's all Jerry's fault. And Wade was just an incompetent buffoon of a coach when he didn't hand out the 'red meat', while JG is a 'genius'. Ironically now, JG isn't suppose to hand out 'red meat'... Sure...

    The reality is, these reporter homers have always praised Jason Garrett's PCs. The general masses are starting to not like it now, because they've realized his own performance reveals how much he's just BS'ing when he talks. Reality has set in.. JG ain't what they said he was. He's been demoted and lost play-calling duties. He was never what they claimed he was. People aren't buying his act anymore...

    It all eventually boils down to Jason Garrett has been given free reign. He hasn't performed plain and simple. That's why he is in the situation he is in now. He could wallow in the praise of being a golden boy without any effor, now let us see how he handles criticism when he rightly deserves it.
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    Bull .....
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    Meh. Thankfully, you don't speak for the general masses, khiladi. Not that I'd give much of a whit, one way or another, about the opinion of the general masses.

    As far as I can tell, players and coaches and Cowboys officials and the media who covers the team the closest all have very good things to say about the way Jason Garrett runs the club, and, from what I see publicly, they're right to. The criticisms of Garrett have to do with how he handles issues on gameday. And, for the most part, or at least for the much part, those are accurate, too.
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    Nice quote from a comedian. But really does that hold any truth to this matter? But you know what? Garrett is Garrett. He answers the questions originally and consistently. Nothing more, nothing less. People are making it as though this is a mountain and its nothing more than a mole hill.

    Sure he maybe concerned. But I highly doubt that those concerns are his number 1 priority right now. His main priority is to coach and not deal with the media. He knows that he needs to bring in the results that we want from this team. If he doesn't than those are the concerns that will really bite him in the - not what the media.

    BTW Im not really a Garrett supporter. Read through my history and Im one of those that sick and tired of his playcalling. I'm not really thrilled with his coaching. But so long he can keep Jerry in check and won't call the plays on offense then I'm find with it.
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    a head coach shouldn't have to apologize for his job and that is exactly what Jason has been forced into. Your good owners would never let it get to this.
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    This. You can see it in his face. JG has some pride issues.
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    If you fail you suck and if you succeed you're a genius. Often the truth, as it does so often, lies somewhere in the middle.
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    None of this really matters, all that matters is winning. Jerry has said that 8-8 is not acceptable and that he expects a playoff appearance.

    If Garrett cant deliver, he will be fired at seasons end. That is just the cold hard truth of the matter.

    If Garrett wants to stay as HC of the Cowboys, he must make the playoffs or fans will storm Jerrys World.
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    strange fans seem to say the same thing as Jerry, 8-8 is not acceptable and expect playoffs. :D
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    Why not? He gets no credit as the HC if the team does something? That credit go to Jones because he is the puppet master?

    Open mind you have not.

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