News: DMN Gosselin Chat: Charles Haley's HOF call will come soon; Drew P. a 'long shot'

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    Dallas Morning News columnist Rick Gosselin chatted with Cowboys fans about a number of Cowboys-related topics on Monday. Here are some highlights from the chat.

    Q: What are Charles Haley's chances on making it into the HOF this year?
    Rick Gosselin: The Hall of Fame seems to be enshrining one pass rusher per year and it's been based on seniority. The two pass rushers next up in the queue are Chris Doleman and Charles Haley. Doleman has statistics that are across the board better than Haley's. But Haley has the five rings. The question the committee must answer is how much of those championships had to do with Haley? On the flip side, could Doleman have won five rings if he played with three Hall of Fame quarterbacks, the greatest receiver in NFL history and the greatest rusher in NFL history -- as Haley did? Haley had a better supporting cast than any pass rusher in history -- or was Haley the supporting cast to all those Hall of Famers? I think both Doleman and Haley will eventually get in. I'm just not sure which order they go in.

    Q: Another HOF question: Drew Pearson, Will he ever get in? The 70's Cowboys are woefully under represented.

    Read his answer: http://www.**************/sports/da...e-soon-drew-pearson-a-longshot-at-hof-bid.ece

    To view the full chat, click here
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    Good responses on both Haley and Pearson.

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