News: DMN: Gosselin: Cowboys must give Dez Bryant maximum penalty for ‘selfish’ actions

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jul 17, 2012.

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    By SportsDayDFW sports
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    The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement says a team can suspend a player for up to four weeks without pay for “conduct detrimental to the club.”

    It’s time the Cowboys sat down Dez Bryant for the maximum. For the sake of the team and, frankly, for his own sake.

    Bryant was arrested Monday on a domestic violence charge. It was his second run-in with the law this off-season . He also was involved in a brawl at a Miami Beach nightclub in January. There have been mall and jewelry incidents as well in his brief career with the Cowboys.

    Bryant doesn’t get it. He never has and, if the Cowboys don’t take action at some point very soon, he never will.

    Playing pro football is a privilege, not a right. It’s a children’s game played by adults. But being a millionaire doesn’t give anyone the right to act like a child. In the real world, adults must be held accountable for their actions both on and off the field.

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  2. JakeCamp12

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    It is a painful day when I actually agree with Goose.....:bang2:
  3. Beast_from_East

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    If Dez is gone for 4 games, we have Austin and Ogletree as our starters.

  4. Phoenix

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    Ridiculous rush to judgment IMHO.
  5. DCBoysfan

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    I would perfer to hear the details of his arrest before I suspend him 4 games, but thats just me.:rolleyes:
  6. M'Kevon

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    I'd like to give Goose the maximum penalty.

    But I'd settle not to see or hear his name again. :cool:
  7. FLcowboy

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    Yeah, I haven't heard of the circumstances yet, and already Goose wants to cut the guy.
  8. Erik_H

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    You know Goose just threw a party when the news of this broke. His articles just wrote themselves for the next few months.
  9. wittenacious

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    Not only you... me, too. My assault charge story:

    I had police come to an apartment I lived in for a brief period in Boise, Idaho, asking me about an assault complaint that had been called in on me. This was all over a shopping cart...

    The 70 unit complex had 1 shopping cart the owner had put in the underground parking garage, for people moving in or out, or taking groceries up to their apartments, whatever. The day I was moving out, I check and it's there. I take it up to my place to use, leaving it outside my door while I went inside to make some iced tea, for the work ahead.

    Knock on the door. My daughter answered it... then, "Dad, there's a man that wants to talk to you." I come to and see a 250+ pound guy with the cart, ready to walk away. I asked, "What's goin' on?" He says, "I'm moving in and I've been looking everywhere for this for the last 20 minutes, so I'm taking it." I said, "Well, first... no you're not. I'm using it to move out, that's why it's here. Second, I've only had it for about 5 minutes, so you're lying about the 20 minutes."

    He made some noise... a grunt or something... rolled his eyes and started to walk away w/ the cart. I reacted by catching up with him, walking alongside him and trying to reason with the guy. He just ignored me and kept walking to the elevator with the cart. When he pushed the button to go back down, I firmly said, "Look, you're not taking the cart!"

    Now I'm not an overly big guy, but adequate. At the time, I went 6'0", 200... no Mr. Universe but solid enough.

    As the elevator door opened, he made a move to go inside... with cart, of course. No more words. I just grabbed the cart with one hand, and helped him into the elevator with the other, parting the two of them. He stumbles and almost goes to the floor. Standing up straight, he then comes towards me, looking to take the cart back.

    Now, I probably should have been the bigger man... figuratively speaking of course... but this rude bastid had my dander up. As he reached for the cart, I let it go and bull rushed him, shoving him with both hands to his chest. I helped him to the elevator floor that time. He looked stunned, but got himself up and started screaming like a little girl, "You're an animal! You're an animal! I'm calling the manager. I'm calling the cops." I just walked off, cart in hand, as he dialed his cell phone.
    Police come to my door... "Sir, may we speak to you?"

    I said, "Yes, come on in."

    One of the two officers began, "Sir, we got a call from a neighbor or yours who said you assaulted him. Can you tell us what happened?"

    "Well," I said, "first can you tell me the legal definition of assault?"

    The officer answered, "Assault can be anything that involves touching another person in a way they don't want or like."

    I answered, "Then I'd say this. I did touch him and I think it's fair to say he didn't like it. You're here."

    Then I proceeded to tell the police my side of the story.

    The one officer's reply... "That's kind of what we thought. We talked to him, but he was pretty emotional. You looked us in the eye, you're calm, and we figured it wasn't quite like he told it. We appreciate you being straightforward about it." Then, "We are required to write you a citation, but I think that after the DA's office reads our report, you won't have anything to worry about. They probably won't do anything but if you do have to go to court, just tell the judge what you told us. I don't think you will be found guilty."

    With that, they politely left... no arrest... wishing my daughter and me a good day.
    Mail comes a week or so later. Letter from the DA's office. Bottom line, "We've read the complaint against you and find insufficient cause to pursue this assault charge any further. You are hereby notified you are cleared of all charges." Not verbatim, but that was the gist of it.

    So, being accused isn't always guilty as charged. We all know it, but the natural impulse is to think the charges likely have merit. In my case... technically, I assaulted the guy... but obviously it was deemed to have been provoked, justifiable and not considered overboard in that situation.

    Hope Dez has a compelling story. He may have just pushed the female. He may have grabbed her. I know I've wanted to shut many a female up who has gotten in my face, so to speak, started gettin' mouthy assuming there was nothing I would do about it... not physically, anyway. They've all been right about that. But I thought about it.

    A man assaulting a woman... touching her inappropriately, pushing her, hitting her... worse... never appears justified, particularly not at first glance. Not saying it couldn't be, but being accused of assault against a woman would put a guy behind the 8-ball from the very start of the explanation process and it would most likely stay a stigma attached to him, no matter the final outcome.

    So, DCBoysfan, like you, I'll wait for more facts to come to light. If he's found guilty, that will suck... but that will be the time for getting on the guy, IMO.

    I'm hoping for the best but no matter what actually happened, may the truth win out.
  10. Zimmy Lives

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    What circumstances? The guy was arrested! What more do you want?

    It's not as if he was serving bad food to the poor at some street corner shelter. The guy could possibly face time in jail so who cares about the "circumstances."

    For once I also agree with the Goose and feel someone needs to send this idiot a serious message. Alas, I think it would be for naught since the guy appears to display sociopathic behavior and may never respond.
  11. erod

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    Look, when you draft Dez Bryant, which 20 teams passed on before Jerry jumped in with both feet, this is what you get.

    This is what he is. This is what he's ALWAYS been, since his days as a problem child athlete in high school. Same crap in college, same crap in the pros.

    It's stupid to think he would ever be anything different. You can't teach rhythm or class, and you can't fix stupid.

    Suspending him is pointless. You keep him and deal with it, or you cut him loose. This is what the guy is.
  12. king a

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    How is that a ridiculous rush to judgement he beat up his mom. :bang2:
  13. wittenacious

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    His mom was pushed, slapped across the face and had her hair pulled. That's what I just read on PFT and heard on NFLN.

    Not what I would call beating her up, exactly, but it never sounds right to have it said you hit your mom. If she was shouting and coming at him, I can see him reacting to stop it. Should have just left, though, rather than getting physical... unless she was waiving a knife or something.

    His mom is no angel, we've all heard... druggie, etc. ...
    Bryant’s mother, Angela Bryant, has had a number of run-ins with the law, including spending 18 months in prison during Dez’s childhood for selling crack cocaine. Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland caused a stir at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine for asking Bryant if his mother was a prostitute.

    Read more:

    Facts are coming to light. Not good.
  14. Wrangler87

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    Dez Bryant is a complete idiot. Bottom line. He's just another in the long list of Cowboys that I am forced to cheer for because he is a Cowboy, but I really can't stand him.

    I agree with some posters, lets hear the details. But if the details prove that there was at least probable cause for his arrest, I say it's time to cut ties with this guy before he really embarasses this franchise.
  15. ragman

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    I agree with Gosselin. Suspend him for 4 games, without pay. If he messes up again, it's goodbye and good riddance. You just can't have this.
  16. cowboy_ron

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    I'm still waiting for that day
  17. wittenacious

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    :laugh2:... Hard man to agree with these days, isn't he?

    You still on vaca and just checkin' in, or are you back in Vegas already?
  18. CCBoy

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    When asked a question about Bryant’s off-the-field growth during the Cowboys’ minicamp in June, team owner and general manager Jerry Jones was unwilling to declare him a finished product despite the fact his name had been out of the headlines for months.

    “As soon as you note that, the next morning, you’ve got one,” Jones said. “For anybody - I’m not talking about Dez . . . I’m just talking about in general - I’m just reluctant to comment about off-the-field with any player, because things happen on their own volition. So, I don’t want to do that.”

    Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Bryant’s legal trouble comes just two weeks before training camp, the beginning of a season in which the receiver has been expected to take a significant leap forward on the field.

    “I do know one thing,” Jones said in June. “He is certainly different as far as his maturity level and as far as his understanding of what it takes to play in the National Football League than he was when he got here.”
  19. cowboy_ron

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    Sup wit? Naa, we got home last was very relaxing, I needed that.
  20. SilverStarCowboy

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    Though we all want to get our punches in, I feel dirty just reading that, Goose is a scumbag to believe his BS enough to pass judgement by printing that story in the public news paper without knowing all the facts...even if he's right.

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