News: DMN: Gosselin: Why Cowboys made a mistake drafting Demarcus Lawrence

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    It was a deep draft, but Top heavy on impact players. The talent pool dropped quickly after the first 35 IMO. My ideal draft would have been trading back from our first to the late first and then still trading up to the early second. We would have kept our 3rd in that scenario and could have got Turner or Moncrief. But when we couldn't get a taker for 16, we were forced to change the approach. Getting 2 guys we had rated in the Top 20 is worth the 3rd round pick in my mind. Our 7th rounders and UDFAs made up for the trade up.
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    Agree on both counts. Looking back at the rookie sack leaders the last several years, putting up six sacks would be a really nice number for a late 1st/early 2nd round rookie.

    And while I didn't take it to mean that Fraley was saying to take Jeffcoat in the second round, it was definitely said in the next breath, and the context of his comparison of Lawrence to Ware. In the context he said it, it really came across that he was comparing Lawrence and Jeffcoat in their ability to be answers as edge passrushers.
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    Aldon Smith did not start a single game in his 14 sack rookie season.
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    Dane Brugler (and Broaddus) think Martin will be a perennial pro bowler and even rate him higher than Cooper and Warmack from 2013. So that would be quite a step down in talent even if Trai Turner is a solid nfl starter.
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    next up, why the DMN made a huge mistake in keeping goose around.
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    I just don't understand Gosselin's schtick he does. He NEVER likes a thing the Cowboys have done. Its the same thing in every mention he has of the Cowboys.

    But they'd rather have had Jeffcoat? Well when the Seahawks release him the Cowboys and every other team in the league will have their shot at him.

    What I find silly is this whole "2nd and 3rd rounders are starters..." logic he attempted. That's silly. There are 1st round picks who will be busts and not start. And there will be even more 2nd and 3rd round picks that will be busts. Now don't get me wrong. You want to hit on those picks and you don't want to give them up. But the higher you take the guys, not only the better the prospect but the better the chances of him becoming a player in this league.
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    Yes Im with you here about this trade. If it was me I would still do it. When you want a passrusher in the draft and know that another team ahead of you is going to pick him, you do whatever you can to trade up. We had a glaring hole at RDE and I doubt that they had someone else in mind to fill in that gap after Lawrence. It was a risky move but not as risky and careless as when we traded up for Claiborne. Never trade up a 2nd unless you know its REALLY the next coming of Deion Sanders or a bonafide passrusher. Dallas believes that Lawrence is a bonafide passrusher and therefore should be worthy of a 3rd round sacrifice.
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    All things considered, we aren't going to know if this was a "mistake" or not until the season is half way over with.
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    Fran Cotton was a Rugby Union Prop who played for England and the British Lions in the 70’s and early 80’s.

    The avatar is a picture of him taken during a game in 1977.

    I played the same position and would from time to time end up looking like that after a game.

    Ah! The memories.

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    I always thought talking about where a guy should or shouldnt be drafted was silly. "Oh he was a 3rd rounder ... No way I move up to 2nd round". Its nowhere near an exact science. In fact,it is gambling. No matter how much scouting, Intel or spying you do. Its a crap shoot.

    If this guy becomes a destroyer then he could pass Ware in other ways.
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    I can't remember much that I have seen from Gosselin that is memorable, and certainly can't remember much that was positive towards Dallas...he is paid to get hits just like the rest of the mediots and controversy around giving up a 3rd to "get your guy" must have had him salivating on Friday night around 7:30p.....time will tell if the trade was worth it, but I believe it to be worth the risk...I liked Trai Turner as well, but I don't think he is anywhere near as good as Martin (if we had not given up the pick and took him in the 3rd)...the OL has a chance to be dynamic for years to come, and if Lawrence can apply pressure consistently when he is in the game, then you will hear the crickets from guys like "goose"....I like our first two picks A LOT....
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    Just because Manziel fell to the Browns, doesn’t mean that Lawrence would have fallen to 47.

    Max Unger was taken only two picks ahead of the Cowboys pick back in 2009.

    How did patience work out there?
  13. NJ22

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    More like 2 full seasons IMO.
  14. DBOY3141

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    with no trade down from 14, Stephen said they would have taken Martin, Ealy, Turner.
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    I saw a study, on this board, agreeing with you somewhat. The study showed that having more picks is better than having high picks but to be fair, the spike showed the greatest correlation to winning occurred with those picks being late 1st - early 2nd picks. There really wasn't any significant correlation with having more 3rd and later picks.

    I didn't like the idea of giving up a 3rd to move up either but then I remembered that article and it helped ease the angst. I realized that the 3rd we gave up helped us move up into that productive spike area without giving up a high chance of another starter.

    What this comes down to is, DLaw is here now and we didn't, realistically, give up a starter to get him. I said I wasn't going to be negative about him anymore and I'm not so I will end with: he is on our team and I hope for him to be all that we hope he will be.
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    define "start". They expect him to play 2 of the 3 playing downs with the occasional "go for it" 4th down. I don't believe he is big enough to play the running downs either but if that means he doesn't play every down and get worn out, I'm ok with it. I don't believe Ware should have played as much as he did either. I'm firmly convinced that is the reason his body broke down so bad the last couple of years.
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    Patience actually would have worked out fine. If the Cowboys would have just stayed put, they could have picked a good player. Here are the players that were available for the Cowboys at pick 51 in the 2009 draft--two picks after Seattle took Unger:

    Andy Levitre
    LeSean McCoy
    Phil Loadholt
    William Moore
    Sebastian Vollmer
    Paul Kruger
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    So what.

    LeSean McCoy was available.

    So was Sebastian Vollmer, Paul Kruger, Sean Smith, Louis Vasquez, Mike Wallace and others.

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  19. Zimmy Lives

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    Yes sir! The kid is here so he deserves an opportunity to prove his worth.
  20. JackWagon

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    sports writers are a joke. Most didnt even start on their High school team. *** do they know about talent evaluation?
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