News: DMN:How Cowboys' 3-4 D differs (slightly) under Paul Pasqualoni

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    Todd Archer

    IRVING – The hours have not changed for Paul Pasqualoni.

    He is at Valley Ranch before the sun comes up most days and leaves after it goes down, but that's the life of just about every NFL coach. For the last two weeks Pasqualoni has added defensive coordinator to his defensive line coach tag following Wade Phillips' dismissal.

    "Everything is the same," Pasqualoni said. "My responsibilities are greater, but there are only a certain amount of hours in the day."

    If he could squeeze in three or more a day he would like it, but he is not overhauling what the Cowboys did under Phillips. It is still the same system Phillips built and tweaked over 30 years of coaching.

    "It's a good system," Pasqualoni said. "It's an excellent system. The kids on this team know the system very, very well, and we're just trying to push forward and use what we have."

    Pasqualoni has put different toppings on Phillips' scheme.

    Read More http://www.**************/sharedcon...owboys/stories/111910dnspoarcher.336b60a.html
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    So, the slight initially was conservative...but the front seven got more physical. Well, that needs to revert to some aggressive tendencies that don't stereotype towards third downs and final drives.
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    This is why I like Archer. He goes out, does some research, and write an actual article about the Cowboys and this weeks game. Instead of crying about players that don't kowtow to his ego and bloated self importance.

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