News: DMN: Jason Garrett indicates Marion Barber will pay for dress code violation

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    By GERRY FRALEY / The Dallas Morning News

    IRVING – Defiant running back Marion Barber will not get away scot-free for his violation of the Cowboys' new dress code, interim head coach Jason Garrett indicated Monday.

    Barber declined to follow Garrett's edict of sport coat, tie, slacks and dress shoes to be worn on all charter flights. Barber was in violation on the flight to Newark, N.J., for Sunday's game and on the trip home.

    After the win against the New York Giants, Garrett said Barber had not violated a team rule. A day later, Garrett swerved and declined on five occasions to exonerate Barber.

    "We lay out expectations for our players for all different kinds of behavior, '' Garrett said. "And there will be consequences if they don't follow those procedures."

    Garrett said all consequences will be handled "in-house."

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    Barber won't be on this roster next year.
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    I venture to say that if it happens again, he won't be on the plane to the game.
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