News: DMN: Jason Garrett needs at least 4-4 record to stay;

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Nov 20, 2010.

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    Jason Garrett needs at least 4-4 record to stay; Dez has shot at offensive Rookie of Year

    09:41 PM CST on Friday, November 19, 2010

    john asks ... Do you think Dez will win rookie of the year?

    HITZGES: Very possible. Overall ROY will be Suh, but Dez has a shot at Offensive ROY.

    zapper asks ... If Jason Garrett goes 2-6, but his team plays competitively each and every week, I think he stays on. Thoughts?

    HITZGES: 2-6 and he's out of here. Regardless of competitiveness. Washington, AZ, Detroit all beatable. That makes him a minimum 4-4. Jerry must have something tangible to sell this offseason.

  2. Iago33

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    There are way too many variables to put a number of wins requirement on the decision.
  3. Wood

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    that is just way too unfair. Wade gobbled up the easy part of the schedule like drum stick on t day. Garrett gets harder schedule and no Romo. If he wins two more games...he stays in my opinion.
  4. big dog cowboy

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    Garrett's win/loss record should not be the primary reason he stays as HC or not.

    For example, if we lose to NO and INDY but only by 3 there is no shame in that. Yet they are still losses.
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    No there isn't any shame in that but I think what the article is saying is that we should beat AZ, Washington, and Detroit. That would give JG 4 wins. I agree, if JG is to be considered worth a darn as a HC, he should get this team ready to beat those teams.
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    Jerry was clear about what it would take. The players would have to play in a winning way.
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    Given the coming labor trouble, NFL football next year will be a hard sell, period.

    If the players play hard for Garrett, regardless of the outcome, I think that gets him at least one year.

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