News: DMN: Jerry Jones: Age of Cowboys’ defensive line doesn’t concern me

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 26, 2013.

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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor

    A concern to some is the age of the Cowboys’ defensive line. Of the four projected starters, only defensive end Anthony Spencer is under the age of 30. What was Jones’ answer to that? Well, don’t look too far into the future.

    “[Tyrone] Crawford is certainly going in that right direction,” Jones said. “In no way do I think [Jay] Ratliff has injury issues. He did last year but that was pretty unique. I think [DeMarcus] Ware’s an exception. Spencer and these guys are young 30-year-olds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in long term but I’m real interested in what’s happening in the next 24-36 months. That’s really what you ought to be looking at.”

    “We feel like defensive line is a position of strength for us,” Jones responded when asked about Floyd. “In our system, we would probably put a premium on a quick-twitch potential three-technique. We [graded] him as not that, but that he certainly may be capable of getting there. That’s a case where are switch from a 3-4, he was obviously a nose tackle that had a lot of promise there at nose tackle. He’s an outstanding football player. … Again, I think you got to put our decision-making with a real focus on doing something with the interior of our offensive line.”

    Judging by Jones’ post draft comments, don’t be surprised if a safety is the only defensive position addressed in this draft.

    Read the rest: http://cowboysblog.**************/2...owboys-defensive-line-doesnt-concern-me.html/
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    Well than pick Kwane Short DT, Purdue and your DL just got younger
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    so tired of Jerry being an idiot. If the age of the defensive line doesn't really concern you then you don't have a clue. Jerry doesn't get it. You don't pay age in the NFL. Age means declining skills, high salaries and more injuries.
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    I think it would pretty to to improve on the DL with any draft pick and we used a pretty high picks on Crawford as a projected DT and Wilbur as a projected DE last year so you are basically drafting for the future and depth. Spencer could almost be considered an addition because most people were sure he would gone next year but I'll bet the new coaches lobbied hard to keep him and we did. In the end they decided to address other areas and at least on paper it looks pretty good. I think the Patriots rode their front seven with Brusci, Seymour etc. till they were older too but no one questioned their ability and in quite a few games one of them made a game winning play.
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    I thought going into the draft that we liked our DL a lot better then what most people thought. I'm excited to see what this team can do if we can stay somewhat healthy.
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    I guess Monte told him what we have is OK for now. With Wilbur and Crawford in the mix, we might be OK.
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    how does multi-millionare GM/Owner not understand that injuries in football after 30 years of age are not rare instances.
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    Jerry's shortsighted vision goes only as far as his mortality imho, that's why he will never look more than 2-3 years ahead as he knows he's getting up there in age and is determined to win now at all costs instead of building a dynasty like SF is trying to do
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    Decisions have to be made.

    If Ware or Spencer go down, we are in trouble.


    1. Interior OL was the priority all along...addressed.

    2. Witten goes down, we have nothing...addressed, along with red zone.

    3a. As shown last year, Dez or Miles out, no wide guys...addressed.

    3b. 3 players who can play FS, but no true in the box type...addressed.

    4. Carr, Claybourne, or Scandrick miss time and we are playing with bums again instead of Jenkins....addressed

    5. No backup for Murray with Felix gone...addressed.

    6. More competition and depth at LB...addressed.

    Unless Floyd stepped right in as a starter, even on DL we were looking at depth after round one...and clearly OL was everyone's priority in round 1. Who was going to start over Hatcher, Ratliff, and Lissemore later in draft? Who was going to start over Ware and Spencer at DE? Who presented better depth over Crawford? After first round studs at OG, we just weren't going to jettison our free agents from last year or Leary or Kowalski after one year for another project.

    We added critical spots, contributors, and depth on offense and in the secondary. I'm sure we will add more line depth next year, but right now we were not going to find starters on either line or better value than we did.

    The only position that I still believe is "critical" at this time is RT....and we were not going to solve that by reaching in this draft. However, we had better sign one soon.
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    We have Lissemore and Calloway for depth at DT and Crawford at DE..

    I was really hoping we'd get another DE but they think Wilbur can do it lol
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    Fair enough.
    Can't fix everything in one draft.

    But, next year drafting for the D-Line and drafting a QB should be a priority.

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