DMN: Jerry Jones has lots of voices in his head — it's method, not madness

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Mar 22, 2014.

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    The amazing thing is Jason Garrett interviewed coaches at the Senior Bowl last year while Jerry was in Colorado at the X Games with his wife, Jason is the one who has ties to each of them from his time in the NFL, but Jerry dictated it all.

    Damn, Jerry is goooooooooooood.

    Cavete phantasmata.
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    he won multiple playoff games and a SB

    not even remotely familiar
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    And they kind of fixed their defense when they hired that one guy that used to be stuck on that one awful coaching staff. What was his name again?
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    Never a one?
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    Yea I really haven't heard anything to make me think Jason isn't controlling his own personnel. When Jerry talked about it last year he pointed out how much money it was costing to switch coordinators and put it out there that it was Garretts decisions which would be a stupid thing to do if it weren't true and a year later no one has broke the story that they caught Jerry in a lie about it. I thought all that stuff was pretty well documented last year and if I remember correctly he has ties to Linnehan too. I just see it as a plus that they can do these things, it keeps the rest in the division honest with their gameplans at the least.
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    "We tried it Jason's way" Lacewell when asked about Rob Ryan firing
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    And those voices are usually Jack, Jim, Jose, Evan, and Johnny.
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    Yes after 2 owners and 42 years the Saints finally won a SB, thats a powerhouse they dun n built over there. It's been 5 years and a suspension since they won that SB and they've managed to win 2 wild card games since but it probably has nothing to do with a bad defense and another Air Coryell offense that rushed for less yards than the Cowboys last year. Nope no similarities at all.
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    If you believe Garrett was behind Ryan fired/Kiffin hired, then you are saying Garrett is the one who wanted to completely change defensive schemes despite our personnel. I'm not sure that's a preferable position to take.
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    Not exactly a smoking gun coming from a part time consultant and most likely taken out of context but I'm sure thats enough for most.
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    U were talking about Sean Peyton specifically and not the saints in general
    You're post began with "he" not "they"

    Peyton won a SB in the timeframe that Garrett's team hasn't even made the playoffs and Peyton had to get a QB whereas Garrett already had one

    Can't change the goalpost when someone called u on it
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    I said he's doin great just needs a defense. Sorry that wasn't enough of a compliment to suit anyone but when you cant see the similarities in these 2 teams and want to put him on some kinda pedestal and use him as proof that Garrett is BAD I'm gonna point out the similarities for you. He won a SB already and Garett didnt. Boo Hoo Cowboy fans must be the only fans in the world that will argue for hours that their team sucks and get mad if you dare to point out the weakness in another team. They'll be the first ones to tell you the teams draft sucks then tell you the coach sucks because he cant win with the bad picks. Guy wins a SB with Reggie Bush and Drew Brees and a DC payin people to hurt other players and you want to act like Jason Garrett sucks because he didnt do the same thing with Tony Romo and Felix Jones or Murray and his broken ankle and a damn one armed Demarcus Ware.
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    -Parcells drafts ware (HOF'er)
    -He never misses a game for years
    -Garrett fires rob Ryan . Hires kiffin
    -Rob Ryan turns around saints defense
    -Kiffens defense all time worst
    -Ware can't stay healthy in kiffins 4-3
    -Cowboys botch cap and release ware
    -Ware thanks parcells on his way out

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    Not so much the missing games being attributed to the new position in the new scheme- I have to count age and years of wear and tear being the major player, but that's of little import.

    The rest of it?
    Like you said, "Ouch".
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    Or that he was behind demoting Kiffin a year later, hiring and meddling with Callahan before demoting Callahan a year later, and then hiring Linehan.

    A beacon of stability.
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    I don't drink so this took me a while to get, but damn, that's funny.
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    He doesn't have one. In fact, he admitted it early and indicated he didn't want to be a GM because of it

    What changed? Not sure, but the core of that team was constructed when Brian Xanders was GM, who does happen to have a background in scouting. Still not sure who had all the power during the Xanders years as the Denver front office underwent a lot of change, but they were able to put together a couple of decent drafts/FA signings in that period which made up the core of that Super Bowl team.

    Belichick is a unique and fascinating case. We could spend days discussing why what Belichick does works so well. What amazes me is the failure rate once people leave his shadow. Although he wasn't ever a scout, he had over 25 years of experience under some pretty legendary names in the game (Parcells) before he started running the Patriots. He also washed out in Cleveland before he was successful. Why is he the exception to the rule? He's incredibly talented and has gained a ton of good experience during his career. I guess I'd compare it to a NBA team drafting a 6'6" shooting guard and wondering why he isn't Michael Jordan. I think many are pinning their hopes here that Garrett can be something comparable, but he's got about 20 years less experience without any mentors close to the caliber that Belichick had.

    Loomis - the Saints have been reasonably successful under Payton. Loomis wouldn't be the type I'd ever hire as a GM and his success with the Saints coincided with the arrival of Payton. Payton also worked under Parcells......

    Mike Brown - really? You are going to use this as a justification for why it is OK for a GM to not have scouting experience? I guess it is relevant because it is the closest structure to the Cowboys current mess. An owner/GM. A nice guy/overmatched HC. However, so are the results. The Bengals haven't won a playoff game in 23 years.
    And the only one that has had consistent, repeatable success is Belichick. Which is what I want from Dallas. Consistent, repeatable success. A chance to win every year because sound decisions are made. It takes a strong front office, a talented head coach, a talented team on the field and, yes, luck to win a Super Bowl. It is hard to win and the best chance to win is to put yourself in the best position year after year. Right now, Dallas is handicapped by the front office, the coach and the talent on the field. The luck certainly hasn't been there either.

    I'd understand defending the Cowboys front office structure if it had shown itself to be successful. It hasn't, so I really don't understand the desire to spin it away as being no different than other franchises. And so what if it is similar to Cincinnati? Is that what people want the Cowboys to be? The Bengals? Really?
  18. MarionBarberThe4th

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    You can't talk me out of the fact that Brady made belichick anyway . His drafting sucks. He wasted years of elite qb play farting around. They could've pretty much gotten Julio jones and dez but instead drafted terrible defensive players. But that's just another one of my theories thatll be made more obvious as time Goes on. I'm Not guessing
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    What a good post.
    Thank you.
    Your point about Belichick is spot on except I'd compare Hoodie more to Gregg Popovich of the NBA than some 6'6" guard.

    Coach Pop did not have impressive credentials when he took the reins of his team.
    Coach of a small-time college school called Pomona-Pizer, Asst coaching under some greats, but not taking a team himself.
    He made himself coach while he was the President of the Spurs, after firing- oh goodness, I can't remember the coach's name, but he was a snappy dresser and he preached offense above all else.

    Pop learned, and adapted as he went and made his team the most successful franchise in all of sports during his tenure and continues to do so to this day.
    He's now publicly acknowledged as the best coach in the business in this day and age and it's a real argument that he may be the best to ever step on a court, field- any competitive surface.
    Abrasive, to the point, and not a guy who's going to give you a PC answer to anything- Belichick is Pop-Lite in all honesty, but that comparison is about as good as it gets if you ask me.
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    Belichick's father was a football coach.

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