News: DMN: Jerry Jones: 'I think everybody in this country would agree there's a lot wrong

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    Todd Archer

    GREEN BAY , Wis. – Asked this way and that about Wade Phillips' job status, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones chose not to comment following Sunday's humiliating 45-7 loss to Green Bay.

    But when he was asked about how he is keeping his senses during a five-game losing streak in which the Cowboys went from at least being competitive to utterly embarrassed, Jones seemed to open up about not only the coach but everything in the organization.

    "I think there are a lot of people here that certainly are going to suffer and suffer the consequences," Jones said. "I'm talking within the team, players, coaches. They've got careers, and this is certainly a setback. I know firsthand what it is to have high expectations. I think that unquestionably our expectations were thinking we were something we weren't ... But again, we have so many things that we need to correct and address as this game so vividly exposed and previous games have. So I've got a lot of work to do, a lot of decisions to make, and it's not just one, two, three or four. There are several decisions. I think everybody in this country would agree there's a lot wrong with this team. We've got to address them and certainly I'm the one to address them."

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    The consequences are lost revenues because the fans aren't going to care anymore. Fifteen years and a home wild card playoff win to show for it. I haven't been so apethetic about this team since right before Jerry bought it.
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    There's part of the answer. Status quo in management will continue.:mad: Something's stuck alright, and it doesn't look like it'll improve.
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    Get ready for consecutive losing seasons. :(
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    Why does this not make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
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    I still had faith in Tom Landry more so than the current regime.
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    Gotta agree with that. He would have found a way to turn it around.
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    I wouldn't be so sure. One thing is clear, his turnaround would've had to be with far fewer draftpicks and Herschel still on the roster.He scoffed at the trade right after it went down.

    Makes me wonder if that wasn't part of the problem, not being open to other ideas. But who knows...
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    Being successful in one aspect of business is something and worth acknowledging, but not recognizing that what it took to succeed there simply doesn't transcend all sorts of business ventures and guarantees success elsewhere is really just a major flaw in thinking.

    I see a lot of opinions by members of this board, reactions to their frustration to the point where they're no longer rooting for their team to win, but for this clown to lose. They're routinely degraded as this, that and the other, and while I can't bring myself to want my team to lose, I can see their point and understand why they're there.

    That's the model this 'brilliant businessman' has constructed with his foolishness. Who could root for him under these conditions?
  10. Phrozen Phil

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    He just can't believe he could be wrong, or worse yet, not the guy to be the GM. I call it Al Davis Syndrome. Jerry believes that, if he just keeps doing what he's doing, then everything will be alright.

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