News: DMN: Jerry Jones: Large number of injuries in 2012 have Cowboys ‘more sensitive'

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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor

    IRVING – Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said several times throughout the second half of last season that injuries would not be used as an excuse for losing.

    “While we don’t want to make it an excuse, there’s no question that injury, especially on defense, impacted us last year,” Jones said Tuesday. “So, we’re trying to do as good of a job as we can, looking at some things, changing some things in what we’re doing relative to not getting soft tissue injuries, especially. But I think fresh off of last season, when we thought injuries impacted our season a lot, [it was determined that] we would be more sensitive during this offseason as to being conservative on injury.”

    Jones also pointed out that practices have been shorter during the final week of OTAs so that players can spend more time working on their strength and conditioning.

    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett echoed some of what Jones said, noting that he wants to keep those players “fresh, healthy and ready to go” for training camp next month.

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    I've always thought this was the wrong approach, to be honest.

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