News: DMN: Jerry Jones reluctant to praise Jason Garrett

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Bill Nichols

    Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones likes what he sees from the Cowboys under interim coach Jason Garrett, but not happy enough to take interim off his title.

    He reminded reporters that Garrett was the offensive coordinator under Wade Phillips during Dallas' 1-7 start.

    ``What is real important that we all understand is that we all were a part of the huge disappointment,'' Jones said. ``What you're seeing from me is just a reluctance to get all gunned up over how we're doing when we've had a disappointing year.

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    Jerry's too smart to jump emotionally to a contract over a few wins by a team going nowhere.

    Jason has the inside track, but there's absolutely no reason to give him the job until the offseason, and even then, you still should go through the interview process before making the decision.

    You never know what's out there, what you may learn during the interviews, what coaches you may decide this year or in the future to offer a coordinator's position to, and which coaches may want to work with you just because of the interview process.

    Slow it down...let Jason and the team work. Hold him accountable for the full year of work by the offense. Make the decision later. No reason to rush it...he's not going anywhere.
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    Can't take the iterim off now it would violate the "Rooney Rule"
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    Wow! Mad props to Jerry for taking some ownership of this year. :clap2:
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    Jerry can't say anything other than what he's saying. The league has rules he has to abide by before annointing Garrett the HC.
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    Garrett needs to do more on special teams to catch Jerry's eye.

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