News: DMN JJT: Cowboys fans need to understand Romo has a life outside of football (Q&A)

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    Dallas Morning News columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor responded to questions from fans about the Dallas Cowboys in his weekly newsletter on Tuesday. Here are some highlights:

    Mark Young from Topanga, Calif. wonders, “ Should Dallas try offering a second-round pick for Marcus McNeill and move Free to right tackle?
    TAYLOR : The Cowboys have no interest in trading a draft pick, and then signing McNeill to a lucrative long-term deal, which is what it would take to acquire McNeill. They will get a tackle next year in the first or second round. Have you considered why the Chargers don't want to pay McNeill? They've paid Philip Rivers, and they paid Antonio Gates last week. Why not McNeill? Until that question is answered, you can't even consider such a deal.

    Tommy Caughran from Dallas says, “ It is not a matter of liking or disliking Jason Garrett. He is not a good offensive coordinator. He lacks imagination, and his play calling is sometimes weird. He is also highly predictable. The biggest hurdle the Cowboys have to overcome this year is not the offensive line or the defensive backfield. It is Jason.
    TAYLOR : I disagree. He was outstanding in 2007 and bad in 2008. He was good last year. The Cowboys finished second in the NFL in total offense, but only 14th in points. Garrett deserves some of the blame, but so does the defense that rarely gave the Cowboys the ball in good field position. Garrett needs to improve the Cowboys' red-zone production, but the offense should be fine after 16 games.

    Chuck Cypert from Plano writes, “ I could not figure out why one of the biggest offensive lines in the league can't just line up and impose their will on the defense with basic running plays. I think I have the answer: the Cowboys' offensive line's run-blocking technique (with the exception of maybe Doug Free) is pitiful.
    TAYLOR: That's simply not true. The Cowboys finished among the top 10 teams in rushing offense last season with more than 1,900 yards. They averaged 4.9 yards per carry, which led the NFL. They run the draw play to force the linebackers to take a false step, or make it easier for the linemen to see the stunts – that helps their blocking – from the defensive linemen. The Cowboys' problem is that they don't try to run the ball enough. But the league is no longer about run the ball and stop the run. You score in today's NFL by throwing the ball.

    Eric Hoefnagel from Dallas writes, “ Tony Romo's priorities then, as they are now: 1. Golf; 2. Women; 3. Tony Romo; 4. The Cowboys.
    TAYLOR : That's so blatantly false, it's hard to put a response together. It's interesting because you sound like he's not entitled to have a life. No one – not Roger Staubach , not Troy Aikman and not even Tom Landry – spent 24 hours on football. Romo likes to play golf, and he has a girlfriend. It's hard to rip a guy when he's coming off a season where he passed for more than 4,000 yards with 26 touchdowns and nine interceptions. He hasn't won enough playoff games, but you're wrong when you suggest he doesn't work hard. He couldn't put up the numbers he does without working hard.

    To read the rest of the newsletter, click here.
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    I guess Romo should move into the film room at Valley Ranch....
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    Even when JJT says things I agree with, I still get the clear impression he has no idea what he's talking about.
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    Eric Hoefnagel is a moron, IMHO.
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    Sorry but many of these fans get this notion because of the people in the media talking about it and making a big issue out of it.
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    Why do some get the perception that Tony doesnt care?

    In the offseason, yeah Tony plays golf, but you know, so does Aaron Rodgers. Are Packer fans questioning his commitment??

    IF theres one thing that upsets me, its when people think Tony does not care about quarterbacking this football team to a Superbowl.
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    :hammer: You are what you eat. If you are fed a pile of **** everyday, you will have **** for brains.
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    That is true, which is why I don't put much into sports writer opinions. The people at Valley Ranch who are there know the work Romo puts in and have talked about it before those are the ones who know the real deal those are the ones I pay attention to. If I want to know how to make up a story I'll listen to writer if I want to know about players on a football team I'll listen to the coach and trainers

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