News: DMN JJT: Taylor: Emergence of Alan Ball gives Cowboy 'D' element it has lacked

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    11:53 PM CDT on Monday, August 23, 2010

    Column by JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News | jjtaylor@**************

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    OXNARD, Calif. – A couple of years ago, Ken Hamlin was a below-average safety. Last season, he was worse than that.

    Actually, Hamlin set the bar so low for Alan Ball – the only new starter on the Cowboys' defense – that an average performance this season would qualify as a significant upgrade.

    But the Cowboys expect much more than average from the former seventh-round pick.

    http://www.**************/bi/images/clikEnlarge.gif http://www.**************/sharedcontent/dws/img/v3/08-24-2010.ns_24AlanBall.GB42SAFR5.1.jpg MICHAEL AINSWORTH/DMN
    Alan Ball seems to be making a smooth transition from cornerback to safety.

    Rarely has a player with only three career starts in three years received such love from an organization, but that's the way it is with Ball because there was no discernable drop-off after an ankle injury forced Hamlin out of the lineup.

    The compliments flow from the owner and general manager Jerry Jones. And head coach and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. And the secondary coaches, Dave Campo and Brett Maxie.

    They love Ball's speed. His range. His intelligence. His practice habits. And his instincts.

    Read more: http://www.**************/sharedcon...oys/stories/082410dnspotaylorcol.2a2a195.html
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    Man ..... if this experiment works out ...... our D will go up another level.
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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed Ball can stay healthy, I think he can play.
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    I hate to agree with JJT but Hamlin was definitely below average last season and Ball was probably a slight improvement when he started. He should be able to be at least average as a free safety this year and if he can show good hands and pick off a ball or two it would be a pretty significant improvement to a defense that is already very good at rushing the passer and stout against the run.
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    Well, that's good that he's an improvement after reading for months that he was going to be a liability. Glad the local Dallas media is on top of things.
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    And to think I thought Alan Ball was JAG when we drafted him, and I was all over Courtney Brown's stuff haha.
  7. Idgit

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    Hey, you weren't alone. I thought exactly the same thing.
    But at least it's been clear for two years now that the players and coaches really liked Alan Ball. Thanks, JJT, though, for keeping us in the loop, as usual.
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    I was the same way, I think it might have to do with the fact that Alan ball us such a generic name, it makes people think of him as just a guy
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    A 7th round cornerback asked to move to Free Safety. LOL, remember Hunter the guy who did want to make to the move cause he was going to make less money....

    Wonder what he is doing now...
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