News: DMN: Moore: Tashard Choice finally gets his big chance, albeit out of necessity

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    David Moore

    IRVING – Sentiment swells over an inequity in the running game

    Observers wonder why the Cowboys insist on handing the ball to Marion Barber while ignoring Tashard Choice. Some even argue that the third wheel in the Cowboys' ground attack deserves more carries than Felix Jones.

    Valid points for a team that averages less than 90 yards a game rushing. To be even more blunt:

    Why does Choice have fewer carries than Jon Kitna?

    A course correction could take place Sunday. Barber is likely to miss the game against Indianapolis with a strained calf. Choice will step into that role.

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    Finally, we the Cowboys fans get a good chance to see what Choice can do in a big game. Hopefully he accomplishes more then MBIII. If so, it would be difficult for the Cowboys not to significant increase his carries the rest of the season. If he makes lot of mistakes which cost us, he'll revert back to the #3 RB, etc. Of course, if MBIII isn't ready for game after the Colts, Choice might get another chance.
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    marion barber will always start. idk what is with this coaching staff. Choice been proved his self to me last year but look at this year barely any playing time while barber is constantly running for 1 or 2 yards and then get up all hyped like he just broke off a long run.

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