News: DMN: Oakland fans probably fear their team becoming like the Cowboys'

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Oakland fans probably fear their team becoming like the Cowboys

    The Dallas Morning News NFL beat writer Rick Gosselin answered your Cowboys questions in a chat Thursday. Here are some highlights.

    On the Cowboys becoming like the Raiders:

    Right now, what's wrong with being the Raiders? They have three more wins than the Cowboys and can stamp themselves as a playoff contender with a home victory over the Chiefs Sunday. Don't look now, but the Cowboys have been the Raiders for the better part of a decade. Dallas has won one playoff game since 1997. During that same stretch the Raiders have been to two AFC championship games and a Super Bowl. So don't look down on the Raiders. Oakland fans probably fear their team becoming like the Cowboys -- a team that never goes to Super Bowls, even when the game is played in their stadium.

    read more (if you're a masochist)

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    That's a sad story.
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    I've been making this very observation for awhile now. Our fans are always found lamenting, "Is Jerry turning into Al Davis? Are we turning into the Oakland Raiders?"

    And I've always given the same response: Al Davis' Raiders have managed a conference championship and a Super Bowl appearance over the past decade. During that same period, Jerry's Cowboys have all of one playoff win. The Cowboys have a way to go before they match even the Oakland Raiders.
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    We are the Dallas Cowboys not the oakland raiders. People can say and think what they want, but we will never be the oakland raiders, and Jerry will never al davis.

    what we ave accomplished the raiders can only dream of, what we will accomplish they can only dream of as well.

    Jerry will get the right coach and staff in here at some point, that is the only problem I have with him, other than that he has done an outstanding job as a GM and Owner.

    He draft players that his staff and scouts tell him they want, even when sorry Parcells was here, so if those players are not being developed or not plyaing up to potential blame the coaching staff and scouts for that and blame Jerry for hiring those guys, if you want, but it is not his fault that this talented team we have is not winning.
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    Excellent post....:bow:
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    Also, a bull**** one. I live in the Bay Area, and there's a lot more respect here for the the Cowboys organization than there is for the Raiders organization.
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    Al Davis has won three S. Bowls just like Jerry. Been to two others.

    And (IMHO), Jerry owes a lot of those three Super Bowls to holdover Landry talent on the field but especially to holdover talent in the front office.
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    Yeah this franchise is a joke with only 1 playoff win since 1996 and had coaches like Switzer, Gailey, Campo, and Phillips. He put all eggs in one basket with Quinthy at QB for a few years, who couldn't throw a spiral because he was on crack. But yeah other than that he's done a fabulous job!:rolleyes:

    Oh and the fans who are gullible enough to buy tickets to a game can see the Cowboys implode in a pathetic way on the biggest HD screen in the world.

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