News: DMN: OSU's Mike Gundy: 'Proud' of Dez Bryant, but he's still got to grow up

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    Published: 20 September 2011 11:12 PM

    Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy chatted with Ian Fitzsimmons on KESN-FM Tuesday, and the two talked at length about former OSU and current Dallas Cowboy receiver Dez Bryant. Here are a few highlights:

    On the difference between his own perception versus the public perception of Dez Bryant:

    People really don’t know Dez. He's a kid at heart. The best example for Dez is when we asked him to do something here outside of football, he did everything we asked him to do. There were times when he would oversleep and he may be late to a class, but it wasn’t in a detrimental way. That was just kind of Dez’s personality. ... But if we ever said, “Dez, we need you to do something for our football team. Dez, we need you to do something for these kids out in the community. We need you to sign these posters," or "They’re here and they want to shake your hand,” he would stay on the field with them, he would play touch football with them, he did everything anybody ever asked. And that’s the one side people don’t know about Dez. And Dez has some issues that he needs to clean up, but as I’ve watched him over the last six months, I think he’s done considerably better. He is a good person at heart. He just has a little bit of maturing to do and little bit of growing up, but he didn’t have the background that some of us did, so he’s learning a little later in life compared to what some of us may have learned in our teenage or early adult years.

    Read the rest: http://www.**************/sports/da...-dez-bryant-but-he-s-still-got-to-grow-up.ece
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    But what if you ask him to do something and don't look him in the eyes?

    Is that his proverbial "open sesame" coach?

    I don't believe he's a bad kid at heart myself and thinks he gets too much flak. But hopefully we've figured out how to handle him.
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    I wonder if Dez has ADD or ADHD and has never been properly diagnosed. Sounds like he does, combined with not receiving certain social training as a youth.
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    Gundy saying Dez needs to mature is certainly the pot calling the kettle black.
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    I think Dez is a twenty-something year old kid that did not have a stable background. Something’s we (people that have a good upbringing) take as innate, are actually learned social skills. Moreover, a lot of his issues are around maturity and I believe that young adults mature at a rate consistent with their upbringing and the values your mother and father instill in you. For example, my father was ex-military. If you were onetime to an event, you were considered late. We were always early; to everything. Even to school. I was always the first kid to school and my dad was always the first parent in the car pool line. ALWAYS. I can hear my dad now, "you respect other people's time, by being not having them wait on you". To this day, I believe it to be disrespectful to have someone wait on me to show up, so I'm always early.

    This doesn't make me a good person, just means I learned something from my dad. It was not innate.
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    It's time for Dez to mature... At 22 years old, you must take responsibility for yourself, hell you have guys fighting for the United States of America who are the same age, don't tell me they are immature or lack responsibility.
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    So when does he learn? That's the question.

    I don't think he's deliberately late or is mean spirited in his short-comings but that doesn't change the fact that he has those short-comings.

    Plenty of people have come from backgrounds not too different than his and have been able to own up to their responsibilities.

    You're getting paid millions of Dollars to do something very few people have the opportunity or natural ability to do. It's time to start acting of age.
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    Some people are just immature and since he's essentially always had handlers as a star athlete that has in some ways been a detriment and encouraged arrested development.

    Dez is the kind of guy God blessed with athleticism he best appreciate and use to make a prosperous long term living because he has the mental maturity of someone that gets fired from Office Max two weeks on the job.
  9. Idgit

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    What does it matter if he's not getting into trouble off the field and is a dominant player on it?

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